Saturday, September 11, 2010

~ A Green Thumb & 4 Left Hands

It's a nice compliment when someone says you have a green thumb. Now I can really say I have one. Really green. My gloves were outside when it rained the other evening and I have only one right hand glove and thought nothing of using it even though it was a little damp.
Today, I have a green thumb and it's a badge of honor from all the digging and planting lately. The green dye on the thumb of my glove turned my thumb green. At least the whole glove wasn't green!

Of course I have more left hand gloves than right. I'm very right handed, even in the garden. If it had been a left glove that got rained on, I would have had at least 4 more to choose from.

Like everyone else I love before and after's. Everything we have been doing lately has been outside. So here's a little before and after of what we have been up to.

Whoops, make that after and before!

The second photo is what the area by the kitchen door looked like a few years ago.
Photo on top is what it looked like a "short" time ago. There is a logical reason for the changes besides it didn't quite look as good anymore.
Stay tuned. Almost done.


  1. Well, how NICE of you to leave us hanging like that! I was sure that WAS the before and after. Don't you know you shouldn't confuse an old person this time of night? lol Diana

  2. Can't wait to see, Donna. I know it will be fabulous.

    Somewhere, in my archives, I have a photo of eldest daughter T during Green Hand Week. She was one of the first girls, in our town, to be accespted into FFA (Future Farmers of America). Used to be an all male organization.
    This was around 1979, the second year girls were "allowed". The first year there was only one female Green Hand. Each Fall, there is a Green Hand ceremony. The new kids on the block have one hand dyed green. It's a cute photo, she is wearing bibs and her thumbs are hooked in the straps.

  3. So true about the right hand gloves, I have soooooo many perfect lefties, and the rights always have worn off ends of the fingers! Where oh where are all those left handed women we could share with? Perfect solution huh?

    Can't wait to see your after!

  4. Hi Donna...

    Can't wait to see :) and I know what you mean about the gloves lol

    Kathy :)

  5. At least you wear gloves (I hate them!). LOL

    What is the vine growing on the trellis?


  6. So funny, I never thought of finding a few left handed women who could use all those gloves!

    Wow, no girls in the FFA! Doesn't that seem long ago, and really is isn't!

    The vine was planted in the big urn pot because there was no soil there. It grew and bloomed very nicely. It was a yellow mandevilla. They do freeze down here though.


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