Friday, September 3, 2010

~ Happy Friday, Small Gardens

Three or four feet of space and still so enchanting.

In my files are lots of pictures of secret gardens, and petite courtyards. I've always loved small space gardening, but became more in love after seeing the ones in Savannah and Charleston. Looking for inspiration pictures makes me homesick for another visit. I hope we will be returning soon when it cools down a little. We have been in August before, and remember just how hot it can be. October was perfect. And right around the corner, too.

In the meantime.... we are digging, moving stones (that I put in previously) and changing the placement of dirt, and more dirt. The french drain was removed and we installed a new one. Creating a small courtyard garden off the kitchen, where one has been for many years already. It needed some attention.

Hope your weekend is a wonderful one.
See Y'All Soon
~ Donna


  1. I love Secret Gardens too and have always had a hankering for one of them. I just realized that I have a space off the side of my house, close to a fence that would be perfect! I think I feel an adventure coming on...I have tons fo those photos too! Diana

  2. When we downsize, I would be quite content with a little courtyard to drink my coffee in or have a glass of wine with the hubby at the end of the day.

  3. Dear Donna~sometimes I long for a small garden, much less work, bigger effect in less space, less money too! But alas, I have 3 acres to maintain for now...sigh

    Can't wait to see the changes you are making to your courtyard garden, you are so blessed also to be able to visit Charlston and Savannah! I dream of such a thing...

  4. I want a smaller garden - mine has become too big -we have way too much land.

    I always think small spaces inside and out are cozy.

    Can't wait to see what you're doing in your yard. You're always an inspiration to me!


  5. Living in a garden home, there are plenty of small, cozy areas to decorate outside. Like it much better than some big yard full of green grass. (That we all know isn't so "green" for the environment.)

  6. I live in Charleston now and I too love the little courtyards and the passageways to them. They seem to know how to make a small space WOW us. I am envious of these sweet little spots of heaven. I have been doing a lot of photographing of these secret gardens lately. They intrigue me. I love your new garden makeover. Your green thumb story was funny.


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