Wednesday, December 1, 2010

~ Is It Gingerbread Time Yet?

One of the most enjoyable parts of the Festival of Trees each year is the Gingerbread House Village. You begin to smell it long before you see it! I love the aroma.

Each year the work ranges from chefs at larger hotels and resorts to classes for school children.

Here is a little teaser until I can get back shortly with more pictures.

Sweet Daughter loves gingerbread, and has put in her hopeful request that I make some this year. Her Cody Puppy likes it, too. So you know I will be making some just for him. Glad he is not spoiled!Festival Of Trees. Gingerbread Village

I've always purchased things I needed for decorating and creating in larger quantities so I would have enough and because it is usually a better price. It's turned me into feeling like a pack rat. So it's destash time. I opened a new little Etsy shop for just that purpose. It takes time to list each items so it is slow setting up.

Last year I wanted to complete my vintage Nativity set and I bought a few pieces and sets to get mine done. When I was all done, I had another whole set, almost. It is missing the baby Jesus, but that figure is easy to find. It's a beauty if you know someone looking for a really pretty one.

See Y'All Soon


  1. Oh- I love Gingerbread houses. There are some marvelous displays here too...and I hope to make one with the kids this Season. Hugs-Diana

  2. Oh my gosh, Donna, you take gingerbread house to a whole new level! That is beautiful! I'll check out your etsy today, too.

  3. Donna, your work is fabulous!!

  4. Hi~

    Sorry for not making it quite clear that I didn't make any of that gingerbread! Not a chance.

    I edited it to read that it is created for the Festival of Trees, Gingerbread Village. It's all edible.



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