Friday, December 24, 2010

~ Love Of Vintage Christmas Ornaments

It seems almost impossible not to love these old
and sometimes tarnished beauties.

Like all antique and vintage treasures, you wonder
about those who owned it before you.
Who hung this lovely ornament on their tree long ago.
What was their Christmas like?

It's been few years since I found a box of ornaments
in an old Shiny Brite box.
It was a lucky day.

Some are hand blown glass from Germany,
and others of the same origin look like they
were formed in a mold for the glass.

The one above it a bit more blue
than shows in the picture.

This one looks like it has a sewn stitches on it.

One year they were displayed in an old silver tray.

But this year, even the Radko's stayed in the boxes. Instead the tree was decorated with just white and silver, and the older ornaments were the best sparkle. Very simple.

Each one has its own beauty, and I'm sure a story to tell. Since I found my first one, these have been such a favorite part of my Christmas decorating. Every time I have the pleasure of hanging these, I wonder about their past. I hope someone will always care for them, hang them on their tree, and wonder about those of us who loved them before they did.

Happy Christmas Eve!


  1. Merry Christmas,Donna! Those are so beautiful. I love your tree & display. My mom just passed on our old vintage ornaments from my growing up years. some very similar to yours. I'll treasure them!

  2. They are just beautiful, Donna! Your tree looks very sparkly and inviting to gaze at. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Donna- They ARE beautiful. I do the same thing when I work with vintage items...wonder about the hands before mine that held them...wonder what that person was thinking on that given day..were they happy, or sad, or just trudging wearily through life. I think you, like I do, feel a real connection to those who have gone before us. Merry Christmas...everything looks wonderful~ xxoo Diana

  4. Merry Christmas Donna.
    Beautiful vintage ornaments! I started a collection this year too. The first pic is my favorite and the one with "stitches" is my second favorite.

    Very pretty:)


  5. Merry Christmas!

    I have several of the ornaments pictured here and, and I treasure them too. They were my parents ornaments, and some are at least fifty years old. They are so charming and truly "shiny bright"!

  6. So beautiful these precious ornaments!
    Merry Christmas and God Bless you Donna!



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