Thursday, February 3, 2011

~ Knock Knock

If you purchase a new sofa or a beautiful antique, or any other larger ticket item, you get to see something for the lightness in your wallet. When you spend hours and hours making sure you find the right person to work on little wear and tear cracks in stucco, then have it done, or upgrade old electrical panels and wires... well you just write the checks but don't see much in the end. But it is peace of mind and that will do just fine.

So that's what fabulously interesting things are going on right now. We are determined to get everything in this old house updated and upgraded so there are no surprises down the road. And I am thinking in the same terms for Sweet Daughter's house even though hers is much newer. It takes a lot of time to research everything and everyone before any project. But thank goodness for the internet!

On my wish list remains a front door like the one you see above. I have long forgotten how many years I've been longing for one. It's way down on the list right since there are things that "should" be done long before I can think of such an indulgence. But maybe one day. Oh and that stone is beautiful too, isn't it? One can dream.

See Y'all Soon~


  1. Oh I know. I hate writing checks that go for things I can't see...kind of like buying a new bra...I want a good one and I want it to look nice but I don't want to spend a fortune on it cuz NO ONE WILL SEE IT! is just he underpinings for what goes on top...same with mortar... (guess you can say I am mortared in place).)

    Anyway, have fun fixing up and re-doing..some of it is a pain and other parts of it is pure enjoy what you can- Hugs- Diana

  2. That is a beautiful door and entryway, Donna! I love an arched door myself.

  3. I know just what you mean about the stuff that does not show, but it is oh so a good foundation, it is worth it. The when you add the stuff that shows it looks even better. Enjoy the journey!


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