Thursday, June 23, 2011

~ Vintage Mix Blog Party Day ~ Books, Keys & an Urchin

A couple of old books
One very, very old vellum
a gift won on line
such a treasure.

An old skeleton key,
love them.

And an urchin,
Gift from the Sea
and found by
Sweet Daughter
who made it a gift
to me.

Simple treasures.
(The antique vellum book on the very bottom
was a treasure from 3 Fine Grains through
Sweet Gina of Willow Decor.
The reddish book with The Decorated House
on the edge, is artistic photoshopping. )

A dizzying display of creativity!
Click on button to see
or join in.


  1. Love the urchin and key. Shells and sea creatures just say summer♥

  2. A great display and wonderful treasures. Of course here the cats would be playing hide and seek with the key and hacky sack with the sea urchin...

  3. Love the books, Donna! I think I remember back when you won that vellum one, too!

  4. This is a beautiful little still artistic.

    ciao from Newport Beach

  5. I love this little vignette. So pretty. I was also admiring your door in your entry way. Stunning! :)

    Thanks for popping by and saying "hi"
    I love your blog. I am following now.


  6. I love that your blog was perhaps named after that book? What a treasure...thanks for visiting my blog. I am following you now and think I might stay and look around a bit!

  7. Hi Donna, The vellum book is fabulous and I love how you photoshopped the red one. Such a pretty vignette.

  8. Just discovered you blog- it's great!
    The mix of items looks so effortlessly put together and beautiful. Love it!


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