Friday, July 29, 2011

~ Summer Mantel in White & Silver ~ The Decorated House

I think our homes change as we grow, explore, learn and become re-freshed day by day. It is not a bad sign to me if you like to change things. Maybe you are a little different today than you were a year ago, a week ago, or even yesterday. If it gets to be a daily thing, it might be too much for those who live with you though. We all have had spouses tripping over chairs in the middle of the night simply because they were in a different place today than they were yesterday.

For Spring I wanted some pretty color and old silver.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

~ A Vintage Style, Child's Chair Makeover ~ Painted Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint

Sometimes my to-do list has so many little projects that get put off so I can get a big one done. But those little projects sure add up and they begin to accumulate. Does this happen to you?

So this week, it was time to do just one little paint makeover. And this was it, a small, child size wood rocker. (I'm noting that I used chalk paint because the colors can look different when you see them on different sites. This Old White, which is a lovely aged white.)

I designed it after some simple, vintage chairs, and Sweet Husband and I made it for our daughter when she was about 2 or so. Over the years she and I have gone through all her childhood things and donated most of her stuffed animals, books and furniture. When she was in her teens or getting ready to go to college it seemed like a good idea. I'm glad we saved a few things.

The chair had been stained originally, then painted black about 15 years ago. I started painting with blue paint for it to peek through after distressing. I didn't like the technique for this particular application. Instead the simple, Old White looked perfect.

During the holidays, there are lots of ways to use the chair for a display space. But right now, this was the simple solution for a picture. A small stack of antique books from the mid 1800's tied up with a bit of vintage lace and antique Mary medal.

Now if you are giggling to yourself about how long a few old books and lace would last this close to the ground in your house with small children or a dog, I understand. I realized it after I took the picture that Cody Pup could have a ball if this was left as you see it.

See Y'All Soon~
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~ The Bell Jar - Cloche Party

There are some gifts that are so special they become treasures.
And they may not cost a single penny.

Sweet Husband has found two nests that I love so much.
One I still cannot find. But I'm thankful for this one.

And yes, everything you see in the nest,
except the blue eggs,
the bird brought in for her
own construction plans.
Old white paper, black plastic, string, moss
and what looks like cotton for the eggs!
No idea where she got that lovely
fluffy white goodness from.

It was huge!
Whatever little bird created it, wanted a mansion it appears.
Funny that is was so large,
and yet the little middle that was made
to hold the eggs,
was quite small.

This was all she really needed.
The Heart of the Nest.
Makes me think, how about you?

See Y'All Soon~

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~ Santos - Cage Doll On A Quiet Street - Grace

2011 ~ We were considering a quick trip to Sanford last weekend, but just didn't get around to it. Then as I was moving things around in the living room, and dusting this lovely Santos, I was happy that I had decided to get her. She still makes me smile......

Many things had changed the last time we were there, and the real downturn in the economy had not fully hit yet. If we could just take a moment to do whatever business we can with the small "mom & pop" stores in our own home towns, instead of laces like Walmart, we could make a huge difference. I know many people are trying to do just that.

Jan 2009:
The air was so fresh and brisk as we walked along the street where we've been many times before. Those who visit this little blog have seen pictures of the old buildings and how wonderful it was to have the street brought back to a new life with antique shops, places to eat and the farmer's market on Saturday when we usually go. A couple of years ago we saw an ad on TV about the shops that had opened trying to be a part of the antique & tourists market like their sister city Mt. Dora, with Renninger's.

On this day it was obvious that Sanford must be struggling. Many of the shops were closed, and the street was pretty empty. We had made the quick trip up there to find a Santos. She has eluded me, even though she has been in my grasp a couple of times. The first time I looked and yearned, but kept myself from spending. When I decided maybe I would go ahead a buy her, she was gone. Then on the next trip, there were two to choose from. One had a prettier face, the other had beautiful wings. I left empty handed again, unable to decide.

But the trip this Saturday, was to bring her home. That is if there was one in the shop-art gallery. It's a wonderful place where they have art showings, display folk art and have artists' studios that they rent. As we walked towards the shop, in the window, there was one, only one. She had the beautiful wings, and I couldn't remember what the other one looked like. I thought about it. I walked through the artists' rooms, looked at the art, and then came back around and said...she's mine. As you can see she sometimes gets dressed up just a tiny bit, too.

It was sad to see the row of shops slowly closing down. Business has been so bad and most cannot wait for it to get better, whenever that might be. We ate lunch at a new restaurant which had only been open for 3 months and we were the only ones there in the afternoon. The food was excellent. I hope they can weather the stormy times and be successful. It's hard to find such good food with big food chains squeezing out the little mom & pop places.

This Santos is a celebration symbol. Life is good, even in days like these. I am fully aware almost every minute to be thankful. My family is all healthy, kind and wonderful, there is lots of sunshine and puppy kisses. Really perfection, as I am learning to stop and bath in the Grace.

After I posted this, several people asked if I knew where they could purchase a Santos/Cage Doll. At the time, I knew of very few places. Since then they have become more available online. This site has mine as well many others. All beautiful from the pictures. (This is a "free advertisement" without any benefit to me. )

This shop tells you up front that they are reproductions. You might wish to be very careful since I have seen the exact same ones being sold at much higher prices as "antiques" which they are not.

See Y'All Soon~

Saturday, July 9, 2011

~ Silver Leaf Top on White Coffee Table Makeover - Chalk Paint & Silver Leaf

A few years ago I fell in love with a black table with an églomisé top. I was smitten and almost purchased it. By now I know if I overspend on something it may not be worth it. So I'm happy that I waited on the buying the expensive one.

Right now I am painting

Thursday, July 7, 2011

~ Crowns In Art & Decorating?

There are times when you just get tired of seeing some things used over and over again. But then again, some things stand the test of time, for a very long time. Go back hundreds of years and you will see many crowns in art. Usually to depict royalty of some sort. That's what makes it all the more appealing to me today to use crowns. There is no such thing as "royalty" in the sense that anyone is born at a higher rank than you are. Some people just think they are.

I love the combination of elements in this art using an antique ledger page from the 1840's, vintage crown image, and beautiful handwriting of French script from the 1840's to 1850's. I also have some larger ledger pages which look and feel very much like an old parchment. Art printed it is so beautiful because it does look quite old. I'm thinking a crown might look very lovely on it as well.

It's been busy around here with paint brushes flying. Next up for me is a small coffee table with sliver leaf top and some chalk paint white love.

See Y'All Soon ~

Monday, July 4, 2011

~ White & Cream

White and cream, colors that dance so harmoniously and beautifully together.
Especially with the wonderful aged patina of the cream.

Removing things from the top of the black chest before painting it.
But taking a moment to appreciate them first.
A very large, vintage rosary.

See Y'All Soon~