Sunday, March 1, 2015

~ Antiqued White - Adding Embellishments - Painted Furniture

Donna ~ The Decorated House - Painted Antique White Furniture

The skies are gray today, and it seems a tougher sell to get me going with some streamlining of possessions and things around here. I go through spurts of being very determined, then a holiday, or some project and/or repair comes along, and things creep back into the unacceptable state of too much crap!

In the midst of more soul searching - decluttering, I see so many items that have been handpainted over the span of a lot of years, such as the 1920's-1930's armoire in the bedroom. If I touch it, it is still a happy possession; brings back the fun memory of Sweet Hubby going to a PBS auction and us picking it out. Too few people showed up for the auction, so we were able to just purchase the items we wanted. Money was tight so we left with only the one piece, at the time I wished I had stretched the budget for more. Now I have no idea where another large furniture piece would go anyway! But the one I have will stay for years to come since it is functional and feels quite happy as well.

The simple armoire was natural wood on the inside but painted off white on the outside. So it was easy to lightly repaint it. But it was very plain, which might be more to my liking today. Back then I figured it needed some embellishments and I actually still like them very much today.

The elements I added were made of resin, I painted them the same background color as the off-white armoire. Then I began to "antique" them so that they looked old and worn, but not too much, no chipping and flaking.  I wanted just a nice patina of age and dusty feeling of years gone by. I used raw umber and taupe glazes letting them settle into the crevices then wiping most of it off the higher, raised area. When those glazes dried very well, I dry brushed over the highest areas with white to accent it.
The pieces were then adhered to the armoire using liquid nails and tiny nails  hammered through small drilled holes.

See Y'All Soon~


  1. Love it!! Where did you find your embellishments?

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I found this piece at a little gift shop a few years ago.
    Thanks for stopping by!


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