Monday, September 27, 2010

~ Revisting a Front Door Basket Decorated For Fall

This picture is from a couple of years ago. I was thinking I'd like to put something on the front door to welcome the lovely Fall season, and found this old post.

That's what I need, a Fall Basket on the front door. Hmm...wonder where it is.

It's a new season, and it feels a little bit like it today! I think we might stay below 90*. Now that's a cool down.

This pretty French iron type flower basket has been sitting waiting for its closeup. The white one you've seen before, and I was looking for a change. I found this one a couple of years ago and I am just now getting around to using it. Even with some old elements in it, it seems like a brand new look.

Since it's the beginning of Oct, it's time for some Halloween decorations on the door, but I forgot and put the Fall up first. I think I do that every year anyway. Fall decorating after the Fall Equinox, then Halloween, and back to Fall. That's OK!

I got a quick picture of it as it gets the spotlight of the sun and falling leaves today. This will go back up after the Halloween decor comes down.

See Y'All Soon~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Fall.... Free Halloween Digital Download

Happy Fall!

This is time of the year that is certainly a favorite for many people. And there are so many reasons why. Not the least of which is the wonderful, fun holiday Halloween.

Here is a free to copy and use vintage image that I hope gets you in the mood for the happy holidays just ahead. This would make cute gift tags and cards, but it would be so fun on guest towels for the bath, too. Just print in reverse on iron-on transfer paper.

See Y'All Soon~

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

~ A Green Thumb & 4 Left Hands

It's a nice compliment when someone says you have a green thumb. Now I can really say I have one. Really green. My gloves were outside when it rained the other evening and I have only one right hand glove and thought nothing of using it even though it was a little damp.
Today, I have a green thumb and it's a badge of honor from all the digging and planting lately. The green dye on the thumb of my glove turned my thumb green. At least the whole glove wasn't green!

Of course I have more left hand gloves than right. I'm very right handed, even in the garden. If it had been a left glove that got rained on, I would have had at least 4 more to choose from.

Like everyone else I love before and after's. Everything we have been doing lately has been outside. So here's a little before and after of what we have been up to.

Whoops, make that after and before!

The second photo is what the area by the kitchen door looked like a few years ago.
Photo on top is what it looked like a "short" time ago. There is a logical reason for the changes besides it didn't quite look as good anymore.
Stay tuned. Almost done.

Friday, September 3, 2010

~ Happy Friday, Small Gardens

Three or four feet of space and still so enchanting.

In my files are lots of pictures of secret gardens, and petite courtyards. I've always loved small space gardening, but became more in love after seeing the ones in Savannah and Charleston. Looking for inspiration pictures makes me homesick for another visit. I hope we will be returning soon when it cools down a little. We have been in August before, and remember just how hot it can be. October was perfect. And right around the corner, too.

In the meantime.... we are digging, moving stones (that I put in previously) and changing the placement of dirt, and more dirt. The french drain was removed and we installed a new one. Creating a small courtyard garden off the kitchen, where one has been for many years already. It needed some attention.

Hope your weekend is a wonderful one.
See Y'All Soon
~ Donna
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