Sunday, September 27, 2020

How to Add a Pretty DIY Stem to Your Velvet Pumpkins

Add a DIY Pumpkin Stem to your Velvet or Faux Pumpkins to make them extra special! The Decorated House

Velvet Pumpkin with Air-Dry Clay Stem

The velvet pumpkins are such a pretty addition to your Fall and Halloween décor. You can certainly have them out from September through Thanksgiving.  One of the nicest ways to finish them is by adding a real pumpkin stem which adds a touch of realism and rustic charm. You can save stems from your own pumpkins each year, or use ones you found at the market maybe.  It is so interesting to see how many different shapes the stems take on while growing.
Sometimes you might need a certain size or a more whimsical look than you might have saved. I had one pumpkin stem that was my favorite, but it was too large for this little velvet pumpkin. So I used the real stem as inspiration for making one the right size.. This one is made of  an air dry clay. It will say "air dry" on the package. Sometimes it might be paper clay, but there are other kinds as well. The one shown here is a paper clay type.  It is very easy to use, and you can keep it from drying out by when you store it for longer periods of time by  keeping a damp paper towel in a plastic bag with it.
*Start by rolling out a fat piece of clay the size that seems good for your size pumpkin.
*Adjust the size of the roll to be fatter at one end, and slimmer at the other.
*Make some lines down the sides with a knife or other slim object like a real pumpkin stems have.   
*Give it a nice twist, until you like the way the lines and curve looks to you.
*You can separate the bottom part like the one above.
*Let it dry completely.
*Paint your pretty stem with any acrylic or craft paints in the colors that make it look like a real   stem: browns,  green yellows, grays.


(Of course you can use a clay that needs to be baked like Sculpey as well.)

Now you have no problem if you can't find just the right real stem for your pumpkins, just make your own.  Of course these work wonderfully on the foam faux pumpkins that are just perfect for painting.

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Saturday, July 4, 2020

~ Liberty Enlightening the World - The Statue of Liberty ~ Happy July 4th!

Liberty Enlightening the World - The Statue of Liberty at The Decorated House

This magnificent gift from France is now a symbol that holds a special place in the hearts of many.  It is so hard to believe that Americans turned their back on this incredible gift of the statue as many proclaimed it was just plain ugly. It took the insight and incredible hard work of just a few people to build this stunning sculpture in her home where she is greatly loved today by us. If you get a chance to see a repeat of the PBS show about the statue, you might learn somethings you never knew about it.  Today she still stands as a symbol of what most Americans want for our country.

The words from a poem inscribed on the plaque read:

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my  lamp beside the golden door!  
(The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.)

Without France, our destiny may have been quite different. The French people also sacrificed greatly for our independence, even if those who were starving had little say about the help France gave to us. The gift of the Statue of Liberty is a constant reminder of
our quest for democracy, equality and compassion. 

Enjoy the vintage photos of the Statue of Liberty:

The Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World; French: La Liberté éclairant le monde) stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. She is a colossal size neoclassical scuplture of a robed woman who represents Libertas the Roman Goddess of freedom. She holds a torch in one hand, and a tabula ansata, or a tablet evoking the law, in the other on which is inscribed the date July 4, 1776. A broken chain lies at her feet which Bartholdi decided not to have her holding . This beautiful piece of art was named and designed by Frédéric Bartholdi and dedicated on October 28, 1886. The statue was a gift to the United States from the people of France as a symbol of our countries' friendship.

The Statue of Liberty Paris 1886 - The Decorated House July 2014 
1886 The statue being created in Paris.

The Statue of Liberty in Paris 1886 before being gifted to the US - The Decorated House July 2015
1886 the top of the statue in Paris

The Statue of Liberty - The Decorated House July 2014
The amazing original copper finish!

  Statue of Liberty - The Decorated House July 2014

Now you can see the patina and oxidation of the copper as we see it today. This is actually after a very long and painstakingly difficult job of cleaning away years of dirt and grime. It took many, many years for the Statue of Liberty to be truly appreciated, but it certainly is today. It remains a stunning piece of sculpture and art. 

A huge Thank You! to the France for this beautiful gift. 
Happy 4th of July!

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Easter Week ~ 2020

 Easter Week ~ April 2020. 
Let Your Light Shine. But Stay Home. 
Help everyone to stay safe.
Thank You!

Monday, March 23, 2020

March 23, 2020 ~ Staying Home

I hope you and your loved ones are keeping healthy and safe. 
Stay home if you can, protect yourself and others. 

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Valentine's Day Pillows

The Decorated House :: DIY Valentine's Day Pillow
Valentine's Day (or any day) Pillow in Neutrals
with Felt Cut Out Heart and
Fabric, Lace and Felt Flowers

What is easier than changing pillows to bring in some fun for the next holiday, Valentine's Day!
Since it is just a few shorts weeks a way, linked at the end of the post are dozens of ideas for you.
See if you find something that makes you smile and maybe try something like this pretty Heart Pillow.
You can find the complete directions by clicking HERE.

The Decorated House :: How to Make Fabric Flowers

Click HERE and HERE

click on link above for pinterest 

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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Christmas Angel ~ Shine a Light

There is no unique story about finding this Angel, or of it being a special gift. But she helps to get me in the Christmas Spirit each year. I know you've read many heartwarming stories about Christmas ornaments. Hallmark tries hard to make it seem like you need a new one each year.  This Angel has no such story. She came from a store maybe 10 years or more ago. Every Christmas she shines a little light in our home. That's all there is to her story. Maybe that's all any of us need to be. Wishing you Light.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Fall Mantel ~ Celebrating Fall

The Decorated House . Fall Mantel. Donna Courtney

It never really feels like Autumn this time of year, but since the first day of the new season is Monday, it's time to celebrate the season just the same. People always say how Fall is their favorite season. I love it as well, but I don't play favorites. Everyday is a celebration of Life, no matter the season. 

This beautiful vase reminds me of an magic vessel that if you gently rub it, a genie might appear. 
So far none have answered the rub. There are so many art festivals this time of year, maybe you can find something handmade that  brings a some beauty to your home.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

To Our Sweet Puppy Girl Regen ~ We Love You

I confessed 10 years ago, right here, that before Cody Bear came along, I didn't really understand crazy dog people. I guess I  did think they were just a tiny bit overzealous when it came to their "furbabies." But after Cody came in the family, I totally understood. Cody had both his houses, ours and our daughter's,  much to himself as well as the people who came with each house. He spends every weekday with us, and the evenings and weekends are with his mommy at her house.

When Regen came to live with Cody and his mommy, she brought along her daddy (a human 😁) and her brother another large dog, a Belgian Malinois. Cody has taken it all in stride.

Just a few short weeks ago, Regen suddenly seemed not to be feeling well, and when her daddy took her to the vet, he found out she had a serious problem with her spleen and it would need to be removed. And that most dogs didn't survive the surgery, and if she did, the spleen could have cancer. It was a huge, and very sad, shock to say the least.

Incredibly, she went through it all extremely well, and they said she recovered better than any dog they had seen before for this surgery. We were so happy, but even more ecstatic when the test came back negative for her spleen tissue. Then we celebrated big time!

Then out of the blue, she looked a bit strange  Saturday morning 2 weeks later, and her daddy took it to the vet again. She immediately sent him to another clinic that could do a more advanced ultrasound. That day the heartbreak began again.

The vet  said Regen had a rare, very fast moving cancer of the blood. They suggested she be "put to  rest" that day. If you have, or have ever had, a dog that is/was as close as a human to you as you can imagine, then you know what that day was like. She came home with her daddy, to all the love we could give.

Regen was the puppy of the family. She was only 8 years old, and acted like 2 or 3, just a complete silly, sweet puppy girl. Her mommy and daddy were so devastated. They took her to a wholistic vet as well to see if there was anything else they could do. For about 2 weeks, she had everything we were told might help. And a few days she seemed better, not fully back, but better. She liked her special meals of homemade bone broth, grilled salmon and steak with choice vegetables. We had hope of her being with us longer.

As she slowed down, at first we brought all 3 dogs to our house during the day. When it was more difficult for her, I went over to their house and stayed during the day so she wouldn't be alone at all since both her "parent" had to go back to work. Sweet hubby spent some hours there too so I would a have a break. Last Wed, it began is seemed much closer to her going. And that night - early morning she quietly went in her sleep. Cody had stayed with her most of the night, which is very unusual for him. He likes his own space. The time went by so fast, only a few short weeks between thinking she was perfectly healthy to her being gone. We've cried for  days as everything little thing reminds us of her.

Only a week later it is so difficult. Every time an old blog friend has lost a pet over the last 10 years I could feel their pain, more after Cody came into our lives. When Regen, and her brother Timi, came along I found there was room to love even more dogs. And I am so thankful that they did come into our lives. I thank you for stopping by, and listening.

Our Beloved Regen left this world on Feb 21 2019
As we told you daily before you had to go.
Thank You! Reggie, We will love you always. 

Monday, January 28, 2019

Ex Voto, Heart Beach Stones & Red Roses for Valentine's Day

I wrote about these pretty beach heart stones that we found at the beach a few years ago before. I was looking for beach stones and shells in colors to inspire the colors for decorating our home.   It seemed like it took a couple of years to find some pretty way to display the heart stone and keep them in sight to remind us of our love of the ocean and a wonderful little vacation. Finally I found the shadow box and added the antique key and the Ex-Voto silver Heart. The white shadow box has stayed just like this, simply moved around sometimes. 

Even at Christmas time red was a bit too bright for me.  But as the colors outside fade with the winter months, the red roses were a welcome treat to bring home. Even this early before Valentine's Day.

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Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy Puppy Come Day!

The Decorated House - Cody Bear, Puppy Come Home Day

December 31st. It's Puppy Come Day! 

From Cody Bear and his Family,
we send our heartfelt thanks to all of those who rescue Pups 
and Cats, too. ❤️🐶

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Christmas Time

The Decorated House - Christmas Simple White and Silver

I love the fresh green tree when we first bring it in the house. It is nice to just be
thankful to Mother Nature and the hard working tree farmers.
Then the lights go on, and they are plentiful! For a few days the tree just sparkles with the lights, and nothing else. After that the ornaments are put on. This year there are even fewer, just simplicity. 

Simply White and Silver,
Icicles and Snowflakes. 

Thank you to Christmas Tree Farmers for
a  Real Christmas Tree! 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Rescued and Found Puppy Day... Almost Here!

The Decorated House - Cody Bear

Not that I would ever spoil a puppy dog, but Cody Bear has a few days when we celebrate just him. Oct 13th is his birthday, and he thinks that's a big deal. If you start singing Happy Birthday, to anyone, on any day, he starts looking for his presents. 

On December 26th, the day after Christmas he found my sweet daughter and me when we drove by a dog rescue event at Petco.  My daughter had decided that since she had bought her own home, it was time for a dog. And Cody Bear was just waiting for her.  So December 26th is Found Puppy Day. Cody likes this day as well, and you know, he kind of gets a few presents that day too.  

But he was actually home yet.  We had to wait until December 31st for him to arrive. And of course that day is very special and is Puppy Come Home Day! Crazy dog people, we have definitely joined the tribe wholeheartedly. And our whole hearts is what he owns.  
The Decorated House - Bottlebrush Dog - Bleached White

Even Christmas decorating sometimes is influence by our love of dogs. There a few of the bottle brush dogs included, and one always has a curled tail in honor of Cody Bear. 

There are great national charities that help dogs and cats, but remember to check your local charities as well. One that I discovered this year which is not local to me, but very special is Muttville. Senior dogs are the first to be eliminated. Not many people go looking for a senior dog. Muttville has excellent charity ratings and right now, there is matching funds for donations. 

Also the Petco Foundation is one the best for helping dogs and cats. Again excellent charity reviews. 

Everyday I am so thankful that Cody found us and agreed to be a rescue dog. To all of you who have rescue dogs, thank you so very much!

(The bottle brush dogs were purchase a  while back from Pottery Barn. They still sell the same pup only the new one is carrying a Christmas tree on his back. It is only available in the store. )