Tuesday, June 24, 2008

~ New "Baby" & New Art

Still in the middle of all the "cracked eggs" and trying to make that omelet, or in plain talk get organized!
I need to figure out what to do with the closet in Sweet Daughter's room so I can store art supplies in an organized and pretty way. Not sure what, yet. The newly uncluttered boxes and bundles are making their way into that room anyway.

So here is the new "baby" who isn't actually ours. But we are in love, too.
He belongs to DD's best guy pal. Even Sweet Hubby has asked a few times if I'm going to buy a dog, exactly like this cutie! Sweet Daughter gets some visitation rights. :) So puppy has been visiting while his daddy is working or whatever. I have never seen a puppy who is so good!

And then a little new art. A new ACEO in the Madonna series. I'm still enjoying making these a lot. Hope your day is a good one!


  1. Oh what a precious puppy! I bet you do enjoy having that little beauty visit as often as possible.

  2. Oh what a doll, how could you not love those big baby blues. Cheers-amy

  3. Good Morning Donna!
    What a beautiful furbaby! I would be in love too! YES - I think you would love having an addition to the family! ;-)
    I just got caught up with you here and it was SO nice to do... I've missed you and I am very glad that you are feeling better and getting your strength back! LOVED the neighborhood tour and your new creations are enchanting, as always. Your sweet girl's new home is wonderful - she should be very proud!!!!!

  4. Beautiful Madonnas! Great work!
    And we both adore the new puppy and we both think you should get one of your very own!

  5. What a beautiful little puppy! Well, maybe not little ...but definetly beautiful!

    Also beautiful is your new art...it's breathtaking!

  6. Beautiful puppy, Donna. Perhaps you should consider a precious pup!

    I love the new Madonna. I'm going over to look at your shop. I guess you may have figured out or maybe not. I'm formulating a little plan for these gorgeous works of art.


  7. Donna, just when I think you art can't get any better, you create something like the Madonna & Child piece. Gorgeous!

    And that is the CUTEST puppy! I can tell you're smitten! You can just see what a happy, content dog he is in his eyes!

  8. Beautiful piece Donna, and that puppy is so cute. Our daughter has a puggle and although we just adore her and she is as good as gold, it's alot of work. Walking, grooming etc. Think long and hard about it.

    Have a wonderful week-end.
    Kathy :)

  9. What an adorable puppy...and those eyes!!!

    I need to go check out your Etsy shop.

  10. Oh, I love your Madonna aceo. It's sooooo incredibly beautiful! I love all of the details you add to your work.
    The new baby is too cute. Hey, I'm giving away babies on my blog. Well, they're different then this baby. Come on by and sign up if you are interested. See ya, Deb

  11. Donna,

    I hope you have a happy 4th

    Kathy :)

  12. Love the dog, and the art!!
    Happy 4th!


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