Friday, March 28, 2008

~ House Hunters & Beau Bunny's Blue Coat

If you are tired of Bunny talk, put your hands over your ears!
I can't help but let Beau Bunny show off his new blue coat portrait. It's a lot like the Easter one, but this is the version I had in mind to begin with to add to his photo album for year round. I agree with you all, the blue is a lovely color on him.

It's been so interesting and totally scary looking for a house for my daughter. Just like the TV show, it came down to 3 houses. This was after almost a year of none to chose from that were a good price or that you could live it without another huge loan to fix it up. Two were older, one was fairly new. Almost anyone would think a 20-something year old would go for the new one. Nope. She bought an older one. Monday is the day for inspections. After that everything is locked it for good. There is more work than I can do or her purse can allow, but I'll do my best and of course I know she will as well.

I'm going to try to remember to take pictures along the way. Even though I haven't had much interest in working in design lately, I'm totally excited about doing this. It will be a very, very tight budget and the first time I have worked for my daughter. Although it wont' be for money, maybe a dinner date, or a hug or two. It will be my best pay ever.

After spending everyday running around, on the phone or reading fine print, I'd love to just read blogs and relax. But that might be a couple of months down the road yet.

Thanks for coming by, and of course to all of you
who take the time to say Hi! as you pass by.
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

~ Almost Easter and the Bunnies Are Hopping

I really love Easter. Remember that thrill when you saw your Easter basket as a kid? Oh it sure was exciting. I don't even remember too much what was in the basket, except for those beautiful little chocolate eggs.

People also have different traditions. Some that are very old and some that are quite new. I'd love to hear what yours are.

I'm amazed at all the crafty things people do these days as compared to buying the ol' ready made baskets at the store. It was rainy this morning so my plans to take pictures flew out the window. I'll just post this older one since these bunnies live here and come out to play this time of year anyway.
They are so cute and I love the vintage feeling to them. They also go with the new one of the three bunnies together that I showed you just a few days ago. I don't dare go near the store in case they have any more to chose from.

So just a quick note today to say hi. I'm trying to get around to blogs, but it's a bit hectic here. I am still helping my daughter find a house. But it's time consuming. I don't know how anyone does it without someone else to help look, make calls and brain storm with them. At least it seems to be getting better right now.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a Wonderful Day!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

~ Hey! Does that Bunny Have a License to Drive?

For some of you bunny lovers and Beau lovers ♥, I thought you would get a kick out of this new card with Beau. Yes, that's Beau Bunny himself driving with his Girlie Bunny delivering Easter Eggs. That Bunny cracks me up!

I'd like to give out some Thank Yous! Each of the winners of the One World One Heart GiveAway from here on my site ( Renea, Pocket Full of Prettys , Sandra Evertson, Jenny Holiday, Kim at Daisy Cottage, Maureen) went out of their way to way thank you, feature their gifts on their blogs. So kind, I hope you visited their blogs from the links. And Sandra Evertson was so sweet to send me a return thank you gift. You did know she has written some great books for artists and crafters didn't you? Just check them out on Amazon or the book stores. Another great way to own them is to check our Michael's and Joann's and use those coupons so you can buy more. :)
I already had a couple of Sandra's books, but was so lucky she sent me one that I didn't have. Such kindness in BlogLand!

Also during OWOH I won a gift from Heather , Pretty Petals, a wonderful package of vintage wallpapers and goodies. So pretty! You can visit her site and shop to see more.

If you visit Jenny's Everyday is a Holiday, you might have seen Ms. Kit Cat over there. She certainly looked at home! So funny to see her over at Jenny's enjoying all the glitter and homemade cakes and goodies.

Have A Great Day!

Friday, March 7, 2008

~ What Do You Say To A Cute Bunny?

The answer is supposed to be...sorry, I already have most of your cousins!
Instead, some how this cute little trio, well you know, jumped in my cart. It's because there are three. I could have said no, but that little bunny hanging on for the ride just grabbed my hand and in the cart it went. It reminds me of all the bike rides we took when Darling Daughter was little and she rode on the back of her daddy's bike. Long time ago.

I'm posting a picture, just in some way out chance there are any bunny lovers out there. :) Might be one or two. I hope I'm not the only one who has no business getting one more rabbit and did it anyway.

It was a good escape from working for a little while yesterday. This cute, vintage looking bunny trio came from Marshall's. They sure have had some fun things the last couple of years for the holidays.

Some people say they get artist's block, like writer's block. I'm the opposite. I always have way too many ideas and not enough time for them. Especially when I get going with something new. I can't go to sleep because my brain is going a mile a minute. The funny thing is that I'm not doing anything actually new. Instead, like a circle, I've come back to the beginning of my art loves. Looking at my old paintings, drawings, sketches and ideas has been interesting. I love looking at my old self through the eyes of someone who has lived so much more than than that very young woman who belongs to that art.

So the dust bunnies have been dancing while I've been in my art mode. Until right this moment. They have the music up too loud now so I'll have to go get the Swiffer after all and make them turn it down!

Have a Splendid Weekend!
Thanks for stopping by.

PS. Thanks for the sweet comments about my meeting Kim. It was so special. We are only about an hour away from each other. But neither of us likes driving on the interstate to get from one city to the other.
Yep, silly ol' ladies. But Sweet Hubby drove for me. :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

~ Dear Daisy Cottage, I Think I Love You

Hello Sweeties! We've been on vacation for a week and now I have lots of fun things to share with you. I missed so much happening in BlogLand. I'll be catching up instead of sleeping I guess.
I thought I'd add a quick picture of some special treasures I found during the week. I love them all.

Last week we had planned to head up to Savannah, but I kept putting off making reservations because the weather was erratic. Instead we went on small trips almost each day. Although we slept at home, that sure saved some money, we took little trips almost everyday. It would make sense usually to start at the beginning. But I'm going to start at the middle just because it was so dang exciting to me.

I've said it before, but it sure is so much more fun that Sweet Hubby not only likes going on these little trips with me, but he is so wonderful to look and look for fun things in the shops we visit. It was a fantastic week of antiques, junk, food, killer whales and dolphins, old houses, new shops and more. So much more.

We woke up one morning and tossed out some names of cities of drive off to, and Sweet Hubby said let's go west. OK! Let's go. I had not been to this city since doing art shows many years ago, and I no memory of it all. Hubby said it had grown a lot and was not just a sleepy little town anymore. Of course I was looking for the older, still kind of sleepy parts.

After doing a search for antique shops and thrift stores, we plugged in the GPS and went to the first shop, the one I didn't want to miss. It was actually one that I had read about on one of most favorite blogs, you know this one, called Daisy Cottage. Of course you do. The store was so darling, just as dear Kim had described it and posted pictures on her blog (I can't find the post or I would link it for you,) here is Angie's website. It was full of fabulous vintage goodies and Angie was a doll, too.

When I walked in the door, I saw the sweetest, and loveliest lady standing there, and I must have had a smile on my face a mile wide. I told her it was so unfair. I actually knew who she was. Well, it was like we had not seen each other in a long time. Not as if we had never actually met at all!
Yes, Sweeties, I met Ms. Kim, of Daisy Cottage fame! It was totally surreal. There she was, in the very first store I went to visit. She is good friends with Angie so it was not strange she was there at all, just that I was there at the same time. Can I tell you something? It was love at first sight. As much as you think you would love her in person after reading her blog, you would love her more in person.

I could have stayed right there and talked to Kim for hours. But that was not quite what Sweet Hubby had signed up for that day. We needed to go spend some time in the rest of the town. But my Kim encounter was not quite over.

She gave us directions to downtown for food and some shops and we turned the wrong way. Should have plugged the GPS back in I guess. But as we turned, very close by.....we saw the most charmingly beautiful cottage in the loveliest bright yellow! I swear she was calling my name. Come look at me, look at me. There she was, Ms. Daisy Cottage herself. People like to think they look better in person than they do in pictures. I certainly do. But this cottage just shines like no other house in the whole area. I dare say maybe the whole town. :) Every ounce of love that Kim and her darling husband have given this house shows in gleaming glory. that dramatic or what? But it is!! Sheepishly, Sweet Hubby says...can we turn around in the driveway. He was quite smitten with her, too. We did so quickly so no one would think we were cottage stalkers, and waved good bye. I will remember that first glance forever.

OK...I do try never to be so long winded on my blog, but today just needed to be so. Stay tuned for more fun adventures this week.

Have the most wonderful day!
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