Monday, March 9, 2009

~ Love of Wrought Iron & White Furniture

At the end of one of the last rows, late in the day, on the way to the car, at last I found something that was on my list of treasures I was searching for. A wrought iron table and chairs. The price was much better than all the ones in stores or shops I had seen for the several years I've been considering it getting one. Yes, I know some people find this type of thing at garage sales and flea markets all the time. It's not that easy here. The price was good, but I asked the guy his best price. Then we loaded it in the truck. I had to find something to put in that truck since Sweet Husband told me a few times ..... we've got the truck this time, get something big! It's a small truck, so this filled up the whole bed.

We headed back to town and went right over to Sweet Daughter's house to give it to her. The rest of the week while we were out treasure hunting, I found a couple more sets, all were much higher priced. So I was very happy I grabbed it while I could. However, I was kicking myself for not getting another one that they also had for sale. It would have been a perfect for doing art work on the porch. But Sweet Daughter isn't giving hers back.

On my long to-do list is to accomplish a little decorating for her porch. It's not at the top of her list yet. There is still many more things she wants to do like new counter tops and hardware in the kitchen and a new backyard patio with pavers, and grass out there, too. We'll get there.

I'm still wondering if I could have found a place for this. Love the lines of this piece, and they painted their furniture really well. This will be a vendor I'll look for again.

New life for old furniture with a warm white finish, isn't it beautiful? And the love of old, or new wrought iron, makes you long for a cool summer night doesn't it? Me, too. But we don't have "cool" summer nights!

I'm off car shopping today. Not all that much fun, but necessary.
See ya' soon!


  1. I love wrought iron patio sets and the one you found is just gorgeous. I really like the simple lines of it and not too overly ornate. That buffet you say painted white is simply gorgeous, what a treasure that would be. Have fun car shopping. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a great find Donna, my Aunt had one very much like that many moons ago !!!

    I love your backporch do you still have the painted floor ???

    Nice post,
    Kathy :)

  3. I love those glass topped wrought iron sets! You found a great one, Donna!

    I would also love to have the white buffet. It's gorgeous.

    Good luck car shopping!!

  4. Hi Donna, I got a wrought iron table & chairs at a yardsale for 20 bucks! It sits in the basement just waiting for me to get inspired.....Love that buffet too! I'm sure it would be perfect in your home.

    I don't envy you car shopping. DebraK

  5. The table set is stunning. I'm looking for one for my patio to do some looking!

  6. That is a nice find but taking a look at it, it is made in mexico. Still a great deal for the price.


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