Tuesday, May 19, 2009

~ Owens-Thomas House Savannah

One of the best tips for visiting both Savannah and Charleston is to take a tour the city as soon as you get there. In Savannah, that is usually by trolley, but they do have horse drawn carriages as well like they do in Charleston. We had hoped to go on the Architectural walking tour with Jonathan, but just couldn't work in to his times.

Once you go around the whole city, it is so much easier to figure out where things are. But I still got turned around a few times and wasn't sure which way I was going.

Now owned by the Telfair Museum, the Owens-Thomas House is a gem. It was amazing to see not only the house, but also the slave quarters above the gift shop, and where they cooked in the basement of the main house. A fantastic example of English Regency architecture with so much kept original. I have a special love for the peeling paint on the back of the house. Simply beautiful!

Front Owens-Thomas House, Savannah

The back gardens looking towards the gift shop, carriage house.

I'm trying to get things done around my house and Sweet Daughter's as well. We are planning a pretty paver patio for her small backyard. It takes so much time just to get to the stage of having the work done. What we all go through to get anything done, I know. It seems like I spend almost every minute each day making sure Cody puppy doesn't eat the sofa or everything off the counters. So everything is moving in slow motion these days! Just getting a post on the blog is an accomplishment.

See Y'all Soon!


  1. I love your blog... The pictures are just beautiful! I have seen you on etsy, and just now in Artful Blogging.
    I love blogs that have a lot of beautiful things and art to look at...love that visual eye candy.
    And every place you have taken pictures of I want to live!(lol)
    best of luck to you...If you do not mind I would like to add you as a list of fav on my blog!!!
    Scottie Magro.blogspot.com

  2. Oh..so pretty...just want to sit there for an afternoon sipping lemonade!
    sandy toe

  3. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pieces of history. I hope to travel to Savannah sometime soon. Just need to talk the hubby into it.

  4. You, through your beautiful images and capture of our beloved Savannah make me SOOOOO long for another visit there soon!!!!

    Love you Donners!


  5. I've enjoyed catching up with your wonderful trip news and gorgeous photos, this afternoon, Donna!

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  7. What a great blog. I just read your feature in Artful Blogging and am delighted to have discovered you.

    I've been to Charleston and it is truly inspiring!


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