Tuesday, September 22, 2009

~ Treasure Hunting on the Beach

When I was 5 years old we moved south and close to the beach. It was a short drive to the delicious playground of sand and water, and it was easy to take it totally for granted. Didn't everyone live close enough to the water to go to the beach whenever they wanted? It's only when I hear someone say that they have never seen the ocean that it dawns on me that it was a gift from my childhood to be so close.

Even as a child I thought that living not only near the beach, but close enough to touch and smell the water would the perfect life. It was the floods close by in the last few years that showed me the reality of living too close for comfort, and we are still miles away from the coast.

The last beach visit a few weeks ago we got up every morning and walked and walked for a couple of hours. I don't walk for hours in the heat on hard pavement. But there, with the sound and smell of the ocean, it was effortless. After the trip it was like withdrawal not to be able to get up in the morning and be welcomed by the sight and sounds of the water. Or kissed goodnight by the mesmerizing sound and feeling of the full moon rising over the water. Enjoying a chocolate dessert out on the restaurant patio at almost midnight under that full moon was enchanting.

I'm not sure if the idea of looking for heart shaped beach stones was already in my mind, or if we found one that began the treasure hunt. Wouldn't it be beautiful to create some little piece of art to remember the ocean when I am not able to walk the shore? I haven't created anything yet, but they are of course beautiful without anything being added them.

It's time to get a new door basket up for Fall. I painted my black metal lattice one white. It has been black for several years, so it is a fun change.

See Y'all Soon!


  1. I have lived on the beach for 9 years now and love it! I agree that it is so easy to walk along the waves for long periods without thinking about it. And I love finding heart shaped rocks and sea glass!

  2. Hi there...what great finds in the heart shaped rocks! I am in Florida and have spent a lot of time at the ocean, but never found rocks like this or sea glass! Not sure where you are..haven't scanned your blog enough. I've enjoyed my visit and will return to look through more postings! Have a great day...

  3. Hi Jessica & Susie~

    These were found on the middle east coast, Vero Beach area. If they have always been there, I missed them in years past.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I wish I could live next to the sea...that is so great to have this opportunity ! =)

  5. I wish I could live next to the sea...that is so great to have this opportunity ! =)

  6. Hi Donna,

    Hubby and I just spent some time on Cape Cod....I came home with so many pretty shells....the weather was just ideal !!!

    Love your beach stones...

    When the ocean is peaceful there is nothing quite so beautiful huh ??....but man can she get angry...I think of that book/movie The Perfect Storm...about the Gloucester, Mass fishermen....how awful that was !!!

    Glad you enjoyed your walks on the beach....

    Kathy :)

  7. Beautiful heart rocks! Those are real treasures aren't they? Gentle reminders of time spent with the ocean AND your sweet hubby.

    I could read your prose all day.
    It is as beautiful as the rocks AND you.


    P.S. Isn't it fallicious outside? Yay!! Blowing you a kiss from my OPEN window to yours!!!


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