Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~ Walking Iris - No Leash Required! Neomarica Caerulea Regina

Isn't this beautiful!? The colors are amazing.

I planted these several months ago with only a little hope that they would do well here. So many conflicting sources of information. And unlike my usual times of falling in love with the flower and then worrying later about if the plant will even grow in my area, this time I just saw that it was an iris and grabbed it even without seeing it bloom, except for the tag picture.

It came in a good size pot and was about $16 so I started with just one to see how it would do. Other than African iris, other irises did not seem to like the heat. We divided it in two and put them in a semi shady area which gets strong indirect western afternoon sun. And I guess it likes its new home.

Since it may not be all that cold hardy, we covered it during the 2 or 3 hard freezes over the winter. The plants have more than doubled in size.

According to what I found online, they are called a "walking iris" because the flowers make the leaves so heavy that they descend to the ground and then sprout new little plants where the touch! Oh I hope so. We will see. Nothing is touching the ground yet.

There were a couple of pictures online of this iris in big pots and it makes a wonderful single specimen that way. Really stunning in bloom.

See Y'All Soon~


  1. Just beautiful! Purple is my favorite color. I have been working in my garden recently and I am having a ball. My rose bush just bloomed over the weekend. I love this time of year!

  2. Beautiful! I've always loved purple iris. They seem like an old-fashioned flower to me. Maybe because I remember them in my neighbor's yard when I was a very little girl, and fascinated with anything purple.

  3. I just found your blog. It is a very nice place to visit. Your Irises are beautiful! So happy that Spring is finally here. Have a great day.

  4. How magnificent. Nature is amazing, and the name is pretty amazing too.


  5. hi Donna,
    i am Rachana , i came across your blog and i simply loved it , so decided to be your follower .
    have good day .
    do visit me some time .

  6. The reason they are called walking iris is that they "walk" all over the garden. You'll have lots more next year!! They have sweet little faces don't they?

  7. Donna- That is a beautiful iris! Love them and they spread like crazy...you have to keep dividing them too! Hugs- Diana

  8. As spring comes to the world,
    bringing sunshine and gladness...
    ...this comes to you
    bringing wishes for joy.
    Happy Easter Donna :)

  9. Are these plants mostly shade plants?


  10. I would love it if they do some "walking" around the yard. I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures and thanks for you tips.

    They do like shade and well drained soil, although they tolerate moisture. Frost tender. Many people grow them in pots so they can bring them in the winter. Mine is on the west side of my house, with some indirect light, but shaded in the afternoon. Seems like this is good for flowering so far. :)

  11. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful Iris. Love them too. Happy planting.


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