Friday, April 8, 2011

~ Happy Friday, Happy Weekend

Instead of buying cut flowers, I usually look for a nice orchid to bring a bit of Spring and color inside. Usually I go right for the white ones, and I did this time as well, but this other color or pinkish violet often makes me change my mind and chose a bit more color. They need so little care and will last for weeks and weeks.

All week we have been outside .. still digging, and now finally mulching. There is a large berm off the side yard that gets monster afternoon sun, so instead of planting more plants that need water, the berm just got a really good dressing of pine bark. Looks nice and fresh again.
The coupons in the last post came in very handy for all the plants and mulch we needed.

Sweet hubby constructed two nice size cedar planter boxes for growing some veggies, greens and herbs. They look so big right now empty, but they will fill up quickly. He has been wanting to do this for so long, but I had to wait until a long list of things was done out back first. He waited patiently. Now I can't wait to put claims on a box for herbs!

Hope you weekend is full of good things!
See Y'All Soon~ Donna


  1. Don't forget to post pictures! I just planted herbs in pots in the backyard while I scout out their permanent home. :)

  2. That Easter display is gorgeous...I always come away from your place inspired...thank you...


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