Thursday, March 17, 2011

~ Dreaming of Spring

Not really dreaming of spring, since it already is feeling like summer today. Time to get outside before it really heats up!

Sweet Hubby has been busy for weeks building the arbor in the backyard. Other that designing it, I have done nothing towards its construction. Usually I am more helpful, but this time he was happily working alone on it. And I had plenty of procrastinating things to do inside.

The arbor and pool along with beautiful gardens, in that first picture started out as a blank slate for that couple. What vision. Cottage in design and so welcoming.

Our gardening actually began with vegetables many years ago, but has become more shrubs and flowers. The blending of the two is the perfect combination if you are willing to work at it. Vegetables don't always look as pretty as ornamental flowers. People who can pull this off so well are true gardeners.

And a little bit of pretty from the Philadelphia flower show. No large scale flower shows like this near me, but I wish there was. I have loved even any of the much, much smaller ones I've seen.

A simple table and chairs becomes magical with just the right setting, doesn't it.

Doesn't it make you want to get
your hands dirty
and do some gardening?
See Y'all Soon~

Thursday, March 10, 2011

~ Is It Better to Give...

In between working on some art for the shop, the de-cluttering continues. I know there is progress, but it sure is slow going.

Over the last 20+ years I have somehow accumulated a lot of picture frames. Obviously my walls must have had much more on them, and I was always picking up frames for art, or just because they were old and pretty. Now I need less walls, and even less on any flat surface.

On my last visit to GoodWill I noticed that they just literally threw almost everything in a big bin. Really good items tossed in with something worth a dollar or two. So it has changed my mind about it being better to give to them rather than selling a few things.

I wanted to do some more experimenting with the turquoise paints, so the old frames were the perfect outlet. They take a bit of time to do, but I think I just love playing with that color. And they look so nice in the shop.

In defense of GoodWill, I do have to say that we have another store further away, and they handle the donations in a much better way. So we just take the time to go to that store now. I still think it's better to give, but it's also good to choose wisely where to give.

See Y'All Soon~
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