Monday, January 8, 2007

*The House Who Loved Me


When we first moved in, I knew we would be here for no more than 5 years. Such was the plan, to me, not so sure about my husband. I think he got his secret wish to put down roots among the trees and stay here.

(The MLS picture from way back when. It looks lonely to me now, obviously waiting for us. )

It wasn't big, it wasn't fancy, it wasn't a dream house, but we had to move quickly since our old house was sold. I was doing design work for larger houses and of course that was what I wanted, too. I was young and dumb. But that's OK when you are young. Life is for learning who we are. It was the oak tree lined street that brought us here, and helped keep us here.

Today this house makes me smile everytime I come home. I love that we are close to downtown, something that meant nothing at first. It is in an older area with oak lined streets, which was always extremely important to us.

More than anything else, this home is a symbol of the unconditional love of my husband. Whatever ideas I came up with, he has always worked and worked to accomplish it.

The front porch area with gable added early in the remodeling.

It was built to last forever. It has beautiful wood floors, hand troweled plaster walls and ceilings and a large yard. Aaaaah...
it's all so good...

Well, not quite. We have worked and worked on this house for 20 years and now it's time to do more work. The small bathrooms need to be gutted, but we won't be doing the grunt work this time. We will let someone else enjoy it and be happy to pay them to do so.

The backyard, once filled with shrubs and flowers, is totally torn up awaiting the final plans. The front yard, lush and green at the beginning of last year, was a dinner for bugs before we could stop them. So another big project.

When it gets overwhelming looking at the work to do, I have thought of moving. But then I walk through the house and all the memories of this labor of love by me and my husband flood my mind. I want the next generation to be touched by this house.
In the last couple of years, in the good times or when I was sick, when we went through the eye of a (small) hurricane, this house loved and sheltered us, no matter what. It is not big, but it holds us safely in her walls. It is not new, but it shelters us with strength. It is a challenge at times, but it looks like our future, as well as our past. Except the missing gardens in the back. But stay tuned, and hopefully that too will be a reflection of us again sometime soon.


  1. What a beautiful transformation. Well worth every ounce of work, I'd say!

  2. I found your blog through Daisy Cottage. What a beautiful home! I'll be back to see more...

  3. D -
    Glad to see your blog! I've always loved the story of how that house became your home! Look forward to reading more. I have a night time shot of shuttle I need to send you - beautiful!
    Keep writing...

  4. What a lovely job you have done on your home. It looks like it has just blossomed under your care. Thank you for sharing :o)

  5. The House Who Loved Me - Beautiful description of a home that is nurturing, loved and energetically filled with all good things that make it such a pleasure to return to each day and to awaken in each morning. The woman who planned to move in 5 years and who didn't connect with being close to downtown has evolved along with her home and her life. And so it is.

  6. Found my way to your door via Daisy Cottage. Your home is lovely!

  7. I can't tell you how much I love this post Donna. It speaks from your heart and captures the soul of your home AND you. Beautiful, inside and out.

  8. What an absolutly beautiful home!

  9. I also found you through Daisy Cottage. What a beautiful home & amazing transformation. I am looking forward to reading more of your entries.

  10. Thank you ladies for stopping by and for each of your notes. It is a pleasure to be sharing my home with you.
    (Mimi, that last night space shot was amazing! We could see it from Orlando and it was almost as bright as when I was a kid over there.)

  11. Wow...your home turned out beautifully. I can't even believe that it's the same house as the black and white picture!

  12. So lovely! You guys did an amazing job...your house is so pretty and inviting! Thank you for sharing:)

  13. FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I cannot believe the transformation. I just moved into a fixer up ranch style home myself and I have NO idea what to do with the outside of you give advice to exterior-decor-impaired blog readers?! If so, I would LOVE to send you "before" pictures!

  14. your house and your blog are charming! My home blog is if you would like to visit. I've put you in my favs.

  15. Thanks for the lovely comments, I missed a few before checking back.

    Tracey, I'd love to see your house. There is so much you can do with an exterior, even without spending a fortune. Do you have a photo site? Let me know.


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