Sunday, October 6, 2013

~ Halloween Decor - Pumpkins - Butterflies - Spiders! Oh Yes!

What a funny and strange sounding combination. Pumpkins with spiders and butterflies, and a crown or two of course. This weekend seems like the perfect time to get out all the Halloween goodies and get decorating. Each year I wish I had started sooner so I could enjoy it all for a few weeks before Halloween. This year I'm actually going to do it.

The monogram pumpkin is still one of my favorite things. So simple to add a design of some kind after you paint one of the faux pumpkins white.  Each year I get questions about it, but it really is simple. This is a design that I created using a vintage letter, then it was printed out on my inkjet, cut out closely to the image, and glued on the pumpkin. For this I used Golden's Gel Medium, but you could use Modpodge as well.

In this little area the pumpkins are the large white painted pumpkin with a sculpted stem from paper clay, a small black painted pumpkin with a faux stem, and a cream colored velvet pumpkin with a real pumpkin stem.  Add some glittered spider and velum paper butterflies and it's a fun start to the entry table this year.

You can click HERE to see last year's entry table. It was just what I wanted so it was a little hard changing it up this year. But once I brought out  that large urn you can almost see in the background, everything began to take shape. Kind of the same, and a bit different.  Come back soon to see more clips of Halloween decorating, and then a post of all the elements of the whole holiday decor.

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Have a Great Weekend!
See Y'All Soon~

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  1. Hello Claudia,
    Hope you are having a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hello Donna
    Love the black and white in this little vignette - especially the monogrammed pumpkin. Simple to do and oh so pretty! I visited your vignette from last year just now -- just fantastic! Love all the silver, white and black mixed with the vintage books and burlap. I also enjoy a pretty Halloween rather than a traditional Halloween. The butterflies are a fun touch also - and hey - they do all hang out together outside anyway - so it makes sense! Hugs, Catherine (newest follower of your blogging adventures!) : )

    1. Hi Catherine, It's very nice to meet you. Absolutely, those little critters all exist in nature together, don't they? Thanks for the sweet note and for stopping by.

  3. That is glued on, Donna? I would have guessed it was hand painted! I just LOVE it...and your spiders and butterflies, too. There is something just clean and fresh looking about the black and white. xo Diana

    1. Hello Diana,
      Yes, the monogram is "glued" on to the pumpkin. I usually use Golden's Gel Medium, but I'm sure you could use Modpodge as well. I love black and white, too!

  4. where could I find that momogram at?

  5. The letter C is from an old book, so it is a decorative letter used years ago. The rest I created in Photoshop.


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