Friday, February 16, 2007

~ Painted Rugs Details

Here is a close up of one of the painted rugs in the last post. I like using stamps when I am going to repeat something over and over again. You could also use stencils, which I have done as well. The leaves are done with an olive branch stamp that I just finished off so it looks more handpainted. You can see that I added some highlights and shadows and turned the "olives" reddish.
On the shade side of the stamped leaves, I added a dark brown line and on the light side, a white line to accent the shapes.

You can find paint pens over by the Patio Paints which they usually keep by the terracotta pots in the silk plants area at the craft store.

The zebra area is just freehand, but the spots next to it are done with a stamp. Also notice how I used the paint pens to make nice straight lines in between each different area. Please let me know if you try one for yourself, I'd love to see it!


  1. Wow... that is absolutely fabulous... you make it sound so easy... lovely lovely home !

  2. How glad I am to find your have some lovely things here and I enjoyed my visit!!!

    I would love for you to come and visit me too:

    Hope we will see more of one another!!


  3. I just found your blog, i really like it ! Greetings,Aina

  4. Just amazing you have so much talent!
    I could never do this...would have to hire you!

  5. Thank you so much for posting the paint color in your den. I am also enjoying the new pics you posted - your home is really amazing. Every pic looks like something out of a magazine. You have coordinated and customized everything so well. I am looking forward to more pics (how about a whole house tour?) ;-)

    Thanks again,

  6. OMGosh! That is gorgeous. You do incredible work. Thank you so much for zooming us in for a closer look at the detail.

  7. This is an incredibly unique idea! I think I might like to try it out on my deck upstairs. It's in need of a coat of paint but hubby isn't going to go for repainting the entire thing because it needs to be replaced in all honesty. Meanwhile, it's will be a great canvas for practice. I will share my creation with you but it will be quite some time yet. Alaska weather does put a damper on starting this. My mind is whirling with ideas for our front deck that could be enclosed and made into a very tiny sunroom and a painted rung. Hmmm...Thank you for being my muse Donna:) Have a beautiful weekend


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