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~ How To Make a 5 Minute Pillow ... Maybe 10 Mins.

The Decorated House - How to Make a 5 min. Pillow Cover

You can make a pillow like this in 5 minutes!
(Or maybe 10 if you are like me with sewing.)
Tutorial and Step by Step Directions:
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Although it will probably take you a little longer than that when you factor in a few things, such as if you are using a  print instead of just a solid, the little bit of  ironing... etc., this is still a very simple and easy method.

Usually when making a pillow I cut two separate pieces of fabric, the front and back.  But for this quick method you will use just one long piece of fabric, and this saves some time. The amount of fabric you use would be the same either way. 

The Decorated House - How to Make a 5 Min Pillow Cover - Tutorial

This tutorial is for making one 18 inch square pillow:

Using this simple version, making an 18 inch size finished pillow, I cut the fabric in just one piece.
1.  Cut the fabric 20 inches by 44 inches
(for the width you need 18 inches + 2 inches for the side seams which = 20 inches)
(for the length you need 18 inches + 18" + 8" for the envelope fold = 44 inches)

2.  Start with the length and turn under the ends of the fabric on each end.  Turned twice, iron if you like, then sew your turned edges. Do this on both ends. This will be the finished edges of your envelope closing. In the picture above, the top piece will actually fold to where the bottom piece begins, so they overlap. In the picture above, I have already turned it twice and sewn the edge.

3. Pin the right sides together, sew a 1 inch seam all the way around.
Adjust the fold to where you want it to be on the back of the pillow, near the upper center. Also adjust the about fold so that the finished size is about 18 inches so your pillow will be square.

When you are done, turn the pillow cover right side out, and stuff your pillow inside. This is my favorite quick change trick for a room. I used a nice feather pillow so it is soft and plump, and easy to change.  When you are ready, you can just pop on a new cover for a different look or seasonal change.

The Decorated House - How to Make a 5 Min. Pillow Cover

4. The pillow can look a little more finished if you do a simple top stitch all the way around. Not as much work as adding piping, but definitely gives nice detail. This will also help to keep the raw edges on the inside seam from unraveling as well. 

I'm not sure how long this particular pillow actually took. It took way longer than 5 mins. for me to decide exactly how the pattern would go. The other companion fabric I got at the same time had a very open design and you could have chosen many different ways to use it. 

Although I have made a lot of quick and cheap cushions especially for outside using just one piece of fabric, I didn't think I could get a good looking pillow doing the same method. But really I can't tell the difference when the pillows are side by side. (Fabric by Waverly.)

See Y'All Soon~


  1. Donna, Great idea and I love the blue and white fabric.

  2. Beautiful pillow Donna. Love your fabric choice! ~ Judy

  3. Love the pillow. A couple other good points - use a feather insert and use an insert a little larger than your cover. IE, I use a 20" insert in an 18" cover. Nice, full pillows.


  4. I agree with using a feather pillow inside. It is so much easier to stuff it in and it makes a very comfortable, full pillow. The fabric is by Waverly.
    Thanks ladies~

  5. Hi Donna, do you have the name of that Waverly fabric....I just love it.
    Oh and hi, it's been a long time
    . :)

  6. Hey Lisa~
    The fabric is "Fun Floret" by Waverly. Good to see you old friend.

  7. Hi Donna, love this wonderful fabric, you've done a great job, and yours looks so neat, unlike some of mine! Have a great Mother's Day!

  8. Your cushion fabric is gorgeous, print and color. I'll have to see if I can find something like that. Maybe Hobby lobby when they have their decorator fabric 30% off the roll ends on sale. Hope I can find something similiar soon.
    The way you made your pillow is how I've been making pillow covers for years, alot quicker and lesssewing.I have put some trim on either side before I started sewing and it turns out great.
    I get tired of pillow covers and the style of them so just about make new ones every winter and summer. Can make so many great embellishments on them (before you sew the cover together of course). Believe me it makes it alot harder if you decide you wanted something on front of pillow after you sew it together. I use fabric fusion glue to stick things on after the thought. Been there, done that.

  9. Thanks for a great easy way to make the envelope pillow! I'm going to make mine like this from now on!

  10. are you sure the length is only 26 " if you're only using one piece of fabric? If the pillow is 18" I would think that 36" is not even enough, as it would barely cover both sides, with no allowance for seams or envelope. It must be a typo. Could you please clarify?
    Thank you

  11. Thank You Susan. A little something was lost in editing! I have fixed it to say that the length is 44 inches, for 18 + 18 and then the 8" added for the fold. So the piece of fabric is 20" by 44". I hope you give it a try. It's a quick and easy change.

  12. Hi Doona
    The pillows fabric material are really superb and looks very fantastic. I am gonna now to make some envelops for my feather pillows.
    Thanks for the tutorial.

  13. Oh my gosh..a five minute pillow..Donna will you come to my house and make one!!

    1. Hi Cindy,
      If I lived closer, I run right over and time you while you made one! Really, it's that simple.
      So nice to see you!

  14. Love the fabric and the easy method. Will definitely use this. Thanks for sharing, Donna.

    1. Hello Mary,
      I hope you try out this method. You could have a whole closet full of quick change pillow covers!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Thanks for sharing this method with us. I like the ease of making a pillow cover with one piece of fabric but I don't like the look of not crisp edges of it. I think your method of stitching around where the pillow is actually going to be would fix that problem and make the pillow back stay shut better.

    1. Hi Kitty,
      Yes, it does help with keeping it closed. If you like to stuff, I guess "overstuff", the pillows like I do, you can always add a piece of velcro in the middle of the back flap. Or you can do as I like to do and just put a little safety pin on since I do like to stuff nice oversized feather pillow inserts in side.
      Nice to see you!


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