Monday, May 7, 2007

~ Monday ~ Corners of the Heart

Since I have lots of runnning around to do today, here is a little hello from some special creatures who share our planet. I know they touch the hearts of so many people. I swam with the dolphins this time last year for the first time with my daughter. This year my sweet husband went with us. It was such a wonderful day. So perfect.

The picture was taken at the underwater observation area at Sea World the next day. The dolphin is inches away & looking directly at my daughter. What beauties they are.


  1. What a smile maker! How I love dolphins. I am so envious that you swam with them. I so wish to do that some day soon. I have been able to pet one, at Sea World, and that alone tickled me.

    Thank you for this start to my day!

    Have a sweet week!

    Hugs to you Donna,

  2. That picture is great! Dolphins are such special creatures. I can only imagine what an amazing experience that was!


  3. Really and truly, absolutely gorgeous!!

    Back Porch Musings

  4. Oh my gosh, they are so cute!
    That is a special time.
    How nice for you.

  5. Sounds like so much fun, Donna. I swam with dolphins once in Panama City & it was a real treat. They come right up to you and let you touch them.


  6. I would agree that these wonderful creatures touch hearts and mine was one! I always dreamed of swimming with the dolphins and I too had the pleasure and what a memory I have of that day!! hugs NG

  7. What a beautiful, sweet picture! I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful experience----such memories to treasure!

  8. Oh Donna, I LOVE this picture! Is that incredibly sweet, or what? Beautiful capture of the moment. And I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with your dolphin-friends! I bet they LOVE you!

  9. Donna, thank you for your sweet note---it really meant a lot to me (my mother says the same thing about eventually having girls in my life).

    I hope that you're having a good week!



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