Sunday, April 27, 2008

~ Happy Sunday, Day of Rest

It's been a crazy month with a bit of stress, so today was day of rest, for one of us. Actually Sweet Daughter had the day of rest, she has the flu. You can only go so long stressing out the body and then it just slows you down as it needs to. I'm remembering how it was if she had a cold when she was little and really loved the attention of homemade chicken soup and ginger ale, and some nice apple and orange cut up in finger size bites. That's exactly what she got today, too. Closing on her first home is Wednesday. I don't think if she gets the flu again she will be resting my sofa. She will be in her own home. So for today, I get to be a mommy, to my quite grown kid.

I have a total fascination with clouds. Their beauty is just amazing. On that last trip to Sanford in the previous post clouds led way to the fun day ahead. Before leaving the house I did a search for any architectural salvage stores in Sanford. Although there weren't any, a shop name came up, Sweet Peas. After a bit more searching I found an address and we went looking for it. The location was a little ways from where we usually go shopping but we found it. Isn't the shop wonderful? I found her blog and recognized the work of Sadi Olive on it. Small blog world.

The store was filled with some wonderful things. As I talked with owner I found out that I had actually visited her previous store when it was closer to where I live, but she had moved it to Sanford.

Isn't that gable fabulous!? I was wondering where I could use it.
The color of this old wood piece was so beautiful. Gently worn and the just the prettiest blue. I'm happy we found this store. I'll be back again. Hope you enjoyed your visit.


  1. Good morning Donna...I'm checking the mail and things before leaving for the city.

    This shop looks like something I would absolutely enjoy visiting! Love the photos!

    Hope your sweet girl is feeling better!!

    After I read and commented on your previous post, I remembered I have a few pieces of Jadite. Mr J mixes pancakes in the Jadite mixing pitcher.

    O my gosh...J just opened the french door by my will not believe this!! It's sleeting in eastern Missouri, this 28th day of April! Ya never know what's gonna happen next, in Missouri!

    Thank you for your prayers Donna. Means so much to both of us!

  2. Dearest Donna! So happy to see your new post, I check your blog every day, I love your beautiful site, it is a joy to read...and all the tips, YEA! What a cool store to visit, the chippy aqua hutch is just dreamy, did you decide you couldn't live without it yet?
    Have a great week! Hope your DD is better now too!
    Donna Lynn
    P.S. You have a wonderful name! :)

  3. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon.
    Lovely shopping!!

  4. Hi,
    I haven't been by in a while but enjoyed your lovely tour. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  5. I'm glad that you are taking a day of rest. Everyone should set aside atleast one day here and there to just be. Thanks for sharing your photos of the shop. I would surely get lost in a shop like that. It's stunning. Hope your daughter is better soon. No matter how old they get, they still want thier mom when they are not feeling well.
    Nothing better than the love of a mother!

  6. How lovely to get to still be a momma to your grown up girl! It gives me hope as my own daughter is getting ready for her marriage this summer, I'm not ready to give her up yet!

    The shop looks like a treasure trove of goodness!

    Happy weekend!

  7. Miss you Donna!!!!


  8. Hope your daughter is soon feeling better!

    Love your site. Please come over and visit sometime soon!


  9. What a fabbb shop!! The green cupboard is soo soo GREAT! Love it!

    Sending lots of love your way! Thinking of you and your daughter.

    xoxo Jenny

  10. Great stuff! I hope you guys are on the mend soon! Jen R

  11. What a wonderful blog! I just found you through The Sparrow's Nest.

    Love the pictures of Sweet Peas. I see at least 10 things in those pics that I would love in my house.

    Hope everyone is well again.


  12. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon!
    I have a fascination with clouds too and have printed so many pictures of skies and clouds so that I can learn to paint them better.
    Lovely store. Wish we had one like that around here - gonna google and see what comes up in our location.
    Have a wonderful day.


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