Monday, April 7, 2008

~ How-To, White Glazed, Cottage, Shabby Part 2

Don't be afraid to try this. Just start small. You will be so happy that you did when you find some old ugly table or something and you can transform it!
Or even a simple resin urn, that can look so much better with a little aging.

(White stone looking resin urn/ raw umber glaze.)

After you've done this finish a few times it is so simple, you forget a few other things to add. So here is a continuation of the last post so you can have some questions answered.

Paint finish:
Use satin finish paint for your basic white, cream color.
Do not use semi gloss for this because the glaze will not adhere to it as easily. Satin is a good choice, but you wish to use a flat paint, then the glaze will absorb very quickly and if it is on areas where you don't want it, you won't be able to wipe it off without it still showing where it had been. If this happens in any area while you are painting, just remember you can go back over it later lightly with the white paint.

Deglosser/liquid sandpaper:
If there is any shine to the piece at all, you can use a deglosser, or liquid sandpaper. Just follow the directions on the can/bottle, they work really well.
One advantage of using these liquids is that they can get into tight crevices where it is so tough to sand. Just make sure to clean it very well beforehand with TSP or Spic n Span, and then let it dry completely.

Glazing to get into all the deep areas:
You can also use an old brush to pounce the glaze into the deeper carved areas. Then you wipe off the excess with your damp cloth, and when it is t0tally dry, you dry brush back over just the highest areas with the same white/cream color or even a bit lighter color.

Topcoat Poly Acrylic:
So what if this is for cabinets in a kitchen or bathroom where you will get a lot of wear? In this case I really love Min-Wax Poly Acrylic Water Based
top coat. You will want to let your finished painting work dry very, very well before applying the top coat. Then 3 coats is great. You can then actually clean your cabinets if they need it with without harming the finish, and it will keep them from getting dirty to begin with.

One of my favorite projects was done by my friend Tammy. She was like some of you and really was a bit scared to try it, but she didn't like her bathroom or kitchen cabinets. She did her bath cabinet first. We talked along the way because it was all so new to her, and then she showed me her painted bath vanity. It was great! But she wasn't sure how it turned out. Why? Because her teen aged daughter told her it was dirty looking. So funny.... aged nicely, not dirty at all. With this new experience under her belt Tammy talked her husband into doing their wood cabinets in the kitchen. Up until then he said no to painting them.

So he did it all the right way. They purchased a sprayer, and he painted all the cabinets. They did a complete kitchen redo while using the old cabinets, saving a ton of money, and it is still an all time favorite redo for lots of people.

If I forgot anything else, I'll add it later. Good Luck with all your painting projects. Just give it a try and don't give up. Everything is easier after you do it a few times.


  1. I am seriously thinking about trying this on those chairs we painted for the back porch. I think I'll start with an urn first, though!

    Thanks for the info, Donna!


  2. Hello, Donna! you are the master at all this faux painting & it was fun to see it all again. I still have some things that I followed your directions on & they look great. I had to move away from my faux bois door I did in GA, but I would love to do that again somewhere. It was fun!

    Maybe we can all get together soon!


  3. Thank you Donna for all the great distress painting techniques. I love it. I have a few pieces that I want to paint, but have been a little timid...thanks for the nudge.

  4. Thank you for the "How To's"! I seriously NEED to do something with my kitchen cabinets.


  5. Aren't you SO sweet to share your painting tips with us? I have a better idea - just come here and paint my finds in person!!!


  6. Donna, thank you for sharing such great instructions with all of us. I so need to do something with my kitchen cabs, but have no free time at the moment. I will definitely save these for future use.

    I hope that I can meet you in person during one of our visits to FL...that would make my whole trip!


  7. Thank you Donna for these directions. I have some old chairs that I just have to try this on.



  8. such a brave one...and i am a painter and rarely do my own home...go figure....i love everything you do...hugs, rebecca

  9. Very informative and just what I needed for a project at home. thanks so much

  10. Thanks for the ideas! I just got a resin pot at Hobby Lobby and was looking to do something to it ~ I'll faux age it now!
    Hope you are having a great week.
    PS I'm having my 300th post giveaway - hope you have time to pop on over and check it out.

  11. Thanks for sharing your creative paint ideas with all of us! I need to copy this down for future reference...
    Pop over and visit me!
    Donna Lynn

  12. Ahhhh, this is to beautiful! Thanks for the instructions and info.

    When you have time, come visit the house in the roses, we are having a dessert carnival… come and participate. It promises to be FANTASTIC!!!


  13. Thank you so much for sharing on your "How To's!" We are getting ready to tackle glazing our kitchen cabinets to give them a fresh new look and your info will be a great help for us! We are a little nervous about the project but your kitchen turned out so beautiful. I have never been to your blog before but it looks like I'm in for a treat!!! I am adding you to my favorite blogs and when I have more time I can't wait to look at your older posts! And future posts! Thanks again! Have a wonderful day!


  14. I'm thinking of trying to glaze or antique my fixed double white bathroom cabinet. Do you have any ideas to help me out?

    Stacey V


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