Tuesday, June 17, 2008

~ A Few More Houses

Let's finish that walk with some more pictures.

Pat, I'm happy to hear that you really liked that gray house in the last post. I actually took the picture for some inspiration for Sweet Daughter's new house. She (we) really don't like the color but it is newly painted and it would cost bunches to redo it. I know the older one has more charm, but we can add some of that! :)

(Daughter's New House)

The next picture is a cute bungalow on the same street as the last photo in the previous post. You can see what a great mix of styles and sizes are in the neighborhood. That has to be one of the best things about older areas.

Then another bungalow and more homes that make for nice sightseeing while you meander around.

Thanks for stopping by.
It's always a pleasure to see you and read your comments.


  1. I love the last one on this post!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think I need a pink house! Your daughter's house is charming! I know between the two of you, you will add lots of special touches that make it her very own look. Be sure and show us what you do. It's a lovely house.



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