Friday, August 29, 2008

~ Happy Holiday Weekend & Beau Bandito

Beau Bunny Bandito is making a new appearance in the Etsy shop
and I thought you might like to see him.

Beau always makes me smile, but this little rascal with his bandito mask trying to pretend he hasn't gotten any treats yet just cracks me up! I wonder if anyone will fall for it and forget that he already got a treat from them.

It will be a fabulous Autumn to have hurricane season over with this year. Watching the weather for us, it makes me so worried about the people where the storms will hit even if they miss us.

They will be putting the new roof on our house next week. Yes, fall will have to be quieter and less stressful!

Have a Happy & Safe Holiday!


  1. Oh look at Beau how cute !!!

    Yes, I agree I can't wait for the hurricane season to exit.

    Have a great Labor Day,
    Kathy :)

  2. Oh how I do love Beau Bandito , what a cutie. I pray that every one is safe from all the storms. I also pray that things go well with your home repairs. I also love the photos on your side bar, the three with the back hats are so adorable.
    hope your holiday weekend is a great one.


  3. Hi Donna!!

    Thanks for stopping by and welcoming me back! I've got quite a bit of catching up to do.

    We actually had quite a bit of damage from Fay all the way up here in North Georgia. I'll be glad when hurrican season is over as we always seem to get the remnants of those outerbands.

    Beau always makes me smile!

    Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


  4. I always love your work, but Beau is one of my faves. I'm sorry about all the hurricane stuff you're having to deal with. My hubby is in emergency preparedness with the State of TX, so anytime a hurricane heads this way, he's in high gear. Gustav and Hanna both have him working hard right now.

  5. Beau is absolutely adorable! Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. This is so cleaver and cute! You are very talented (which I am sure you already know--but I just had to say it again).


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