Friday, November 7, 2008

~ Chandelier Silhouette Art & Happy Friday!

It's probably time to go spend a moment or two dancing the dust bunnies, but first I wanted to say Happy Friday! I'm ready for the weekend, how about you? Seems to have been such a busy week. Both Sweet Hubby and the Sweetie Girl have said more than once... is it Friday yet? during the week. I'll spoil them some on the weekend. Although I have cooked more this week than usual. And it was chocolate chip cookie time. Love those days when it is finally cool enough to feel like cooking.

Copyrighted Art, Donna, The Decorated House
This is what I've been busy with during the week. I love how they are turning out. It will be a really nice series, so they can be featured alone or added to to over time.
(Thank You dear Suzie Q who has already found them!) They are starting now to be added to the shop, come by and look around as I try to get ready for the Holidays.

Happy Friday! Hope your Weekend is a Wonderful one!
See ya' soon!


  1. I'm loving all your chandy art Donna. Just beautiful.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Donna, that is really a pretty one! Hope you eat some chocolate too. Glad you liked the hydrangeas..gotta figure out where to use mine now. And you, fat! Hah, never I'm sure! This over 50 metabolism is not much fun though.

  3. Very nice, Donna. Thanks for the reminder to check out your Etsy shop. I always love your goodies.

  4. Oh, i love that art to. With the crown on the birdys head. If i only had wall space. hmmm.. mishelle

  5. This is just gorgeous. I was in my art room yesterday and staring at my Bunny print that I purchased from you last year. I love all of your creations.

    You are invited to a Christmas Fair on November 21s on my blog. Stop by and click on the badge on my sidebar and it will lead to the Fair information.

    Have a lovely day. Karen

  6. Beautiful art pieces!
    I finally have blog links and I'm putting you there now.


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