Friday, January 30, 2009

~ Fabulous Friday, Happiness, Grisaille

Every time I pick up a paint brush, it makes me happy. No matter what I'm doing, painting a piece of furniture, redoing a small accessory or starting on a canvas, painting makes me happy. Is there something like that just makes you happy? Somewhere I read about writing a list of things that make you happy. It's a good way to get to know yourself. I found some funny things on it years ago. And now there are new things on the list, like petting puppy or having him sit in his chair beside me while I post a note here.

The armoire in our bedroom is another favorite project. The look is grisaille, monochromatic in shades of taupes, umbers, and a touch of sienna. It was something that sweet husband and I worked on together, he helped me attach the top piece, and then I had the joy of having a paint brush in my hands for a few days.

It wasn't all joyful though. While painting it, I didn't like the way it was going, and I tried to remove some of what I had just done. But the paint did not want to come off, not all together anyway. Fortunately I stood back and realized that it was turning out just the way I wanted it to. It looks like the surface developed over time. The process was just different than what I had planned. Funny how that happens.

(Grisaille (grɪʼzaɪ, -ʼzeɪl; French: gris, grey, French pronunciation: /ɡʁi.zaj/) is a term for painting executed entirely in monochrome, usually in shades of grey or brown... Wikipedia.)

Hope you have a great weekend!
See ya' Soon

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  1. Donna- loved your post about what makes you happy!

    Watching the fire dance in the fireplace is one of my recent ones!!

    I still do have 1 of the rusty crowns left - it is like the lefthand side crown in picture. If you would like it just let me know and I will need your address to let you know total with shipping. If you prefer you can email me at


  2. Yum, the armoire! I love your style, it is so ME!

  3. Donna, this armoire has always been a favorite piece of yours for me. I was afraid when I clicked on here that you were ready to paint over it & I was gonna say Noooooo Don't! Whewwwww....

  4. You're so talented, Donna. Have a great weekend!

  5. Such a lovely post. I like to paint, but big projects (i.e. big rooms) take so long, I start to become impatient. One thing that always makes me happy is picking up a camera. Accordingly, I decided to take this passion seriously and recently got a second professional camera and lenses. Now to figure out how to use them! :)


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