Tuesday, May 29, 2007

~ New Art for Tuesday, Meet my CoTTage FaiRy

Since I worked myself a bit sore over the weekend, it was time to get some art in order to get it up on Etsy.
(More Cottage Fairies in the works.)
This little Cottage Fairy collage is just listed. People always say the picture doesn't look as good, but it's true with this one. It is nicer in person.

Another new item in the shop is a digital collage of butterflies and antique papers.
I have had a love affair with old paper, and drawings for as long as I can remember. The digital collage marries some of my favorite things. I used vintage sheet music and an antique botanical page image, with black and white drawings of butterflies. This type of art started for me over 10 years ago and I love doing it. There are so many ideas going through my mind, I could do this 20 hours a day.
These are available printed with archival inks on high quality photo paper, made to last 100 years more years :)


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I'm one who can testify to the beauty of what you create! You truly are gifted!

    My mind does that with window treatments and wallpaper...M says that it's a sickness. :)

  2. More beautiful work, Donna!!

    Back Porch Musings

  3. So cute. I am really getting into the old paper. It is a lot of fun.
    I am starting to look for old paper at the flea markets. I love old postcards too.
    You do beautiful work!!

  4. Donna, precious, and absolutely gorgeous.

    I am supposed to be going to another antique Paper Show...ouch, always dangerous to go there. I limit myself to some cash and just two checks, not a full check books.
    Otherwise....I would get so in to trouble!

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  6. Your creations are beautiful as always! Good luck to you over at etsy. Have a wonderful day. ( my delete, typos)

  7. Charming collages...love old papers and botanicals too.

  8. could you please tell me what colors you used on the butcher block? I know the obvious black but what other color to make the tan?

  9. Just gorgeous, as always! I'm waiting for one that says "my nest" (hint, hint) LOL!


  10. Those are beautiful, Donna!


  11. Sooo pretty! Love it!
    I'm doing another giveaway at my blog - come check it out!
    God bless :)

  12. Very cute. Wondering if the blue and white cottage one sold already or if I'm just not seeing it on your etsy site?

  13. This is so beautiful! Love your posts and your pretty blog - I'll be back to check your blog often!


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