Tuesday, February 3, 2009

~ Almost Time for Renninger's Extravaganza, Take the Truck!

The gym memberships are getting expensive and I really didn't think we were getting our money's worth since we can't go more than twice a week. OK, so "I" could, but I don't go unless sweet hubby can go which is on the weekends. When I called to ask about any offers other than our renewal amount, I mentioned this to the nice guy. And he told me they just happened to have a plan for slouchers like me! I was delighted. No he didn't actually call me that. Everyone was happy. I saved $200, hubby got me to sign up again, and the gym kept customers who have been with them for 10 years.

But what did sweet hubby say when I told him that I saved some money? He said, great, now you have another $200 to spend at Renninger's. I told you he was sweet hubby.

We are going to take the truck. This silly guy didn't. They did get this large piece in the bug. However, I never did see him get in the car to drive it.

A few people like this guy couldn't help but watch to see if it could be done!

The stores inside pack their shops for the event!

Hundreds of vendors come from all over to set up their booths.

And you can find some wonderful treasures like these old ceiling tin moldings.
The one on the bottom came home with us.

The pictures are from of the last Extravaganza that we went to. It can wear you out. But of course it's a totally fun adventure. Just in case anyone is within driving distance here are the dates and info. Feb 20, 21, 22. And you can see an arieal veiw here.

See ya' soon!
Hope you are having fun traveling to all the blog give aways for OWOH.


  1. Hi Donna...wish we could be there!! I'm looking for an old window or something, to put by the the little dining table at the lake. Or an architectural piece that looks like it belongs at the lake!

    I found a sugar scuttle today..thrifting at the resale shop, here in town. Budget Boutique benefits Earthwise Industries. Employees of Earthwise are developmentally disabled not sure of the correctness. Anyway...that's where we take our recyclables.

    The guy working to get his purchase in the VW reminds me of our efforts at putting a flat screen TV in the back of Terrie's little Toyota suv. We spent the day shopping after Christmas sales and Target was marking things 75% off. No I didn't get the flatscreen tv 75% off, but Steve found a large hockey game at 75% and covinced us, it was an amazing deal. J and I snuggled up real close in the back with a TV on one side and a hockey game at our backs. It was a fun ride and we made it back to the condo in one piece!

  2. LOL I would love to know if that fella made it home !!!

    Looks like quite the place Donna, I'd have a ball there.

    Nice job with the Gym, I too can't seem to get there, I have a treadmill and a couple of other things, my son just moved out so I am thinking about turning that into a little gym... get me out of the basement lol

    Nice post,
    Kathy :)

  3. Hello Donna; How wonderful that you saved that much, and then get to spend it!!!!!! what a guy you have.
    Looks like a great place to wander and shop. I wish we lived closer so I could go... boo hoo... Have fun and take lots of photos to share..


  4. Yay - great news about the gym membership. It looks like there were some treasures to be had at that sale!


  5. I'm jealous! Looks like a wonderful market.


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