Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~ Renninger's Extravaganza, Feb 2009

It was a beautiful crisp, cool day as we meandered through the rows filled with a wonderful diversity of goods ranging from treasures to junk. As far as you could see, there were tables and tents stretching on and on. It seemed that there were as many sellers this time as usual, but many said sales were down from years before.

We had a short list of things that we were hoping to find but didn't really find those. We were lucky to find a few others things though. I'm almost wishing that we had returned on Sunday to see if you missed any of the rows.

These are a few of the fabulous things that we really liked, but left for the next person.

The antique ceiling tins were huge. Where would we put them? I couldn't think of any place, but Sweet Hubby thought we should get one anyway. It was tough to walk away. His logic was we finally remembered to bring the truck, we should at least get something big. With those gorgeous fleur de lis designs, they were stunning.

I saw how easy it was to be fooled by metal and iron that was new but had been left outside for a while. Several vendors were selling rusty but new things. It appeared that a few people were fooled. I hope they just didn't care that the same items came from Michael's or Marshall's for half the price before they had been quickly rusted.

This iron was the real thing though. So beautiful with its amazing rusting, aged patina.

We are hitting every antique and pre-owned, and thrifty store this week that we can find, looking for some old furniture pieces to use for storage. So far not much luck. Maybe the next trip out will find a treasure.

See ya' soon!


  1. We have recently moved from Tallahassee to Crestview. And unfortunately, we couldn't fit all of my "junk" into the moving truck. I've already made two trips with the car & still need about two more. But one of the things that keep nagging me is my pair of old metal gates in the backyard. They keep calling my name!! I don't know what it is about those old pieces of gates, I just love them!!

  2. Oh how I wish we had salvage yards here, but since there were so few homes here until around 1940, there is no such thing. I just love seeing all the wonderful old treasures. Hugs, Marty

  3. There are some lovely things there! The old pieces are stunning and I'm sure could work your magic on them.
    I think my daughter has 2 pieces of Raku pottery. One piece looks similar to yours.

  4. Those ceiling tins are to die for! I just LOVE things like that. We have a place here on the Eastern Shore that has old windows, tops of doors, things like that -- I'm forbidden to go there, LOL!

  5. Those ceiling tiles are so awesome! And I love old gates. I bought part of one when I was visiting New Orleans about 10 years ago and now it's hanging on my wall as a reminder.

    How cool! I don't think there is anywhere around here where I could find fantastic things like that for sale.


  6. Hi

    I was at Renningers this past weekend also. I went on sun. morning and arived at about 9.30 and left at 2.30 and I never even made it to the antique side. There were more people out on the flea market side then I have seen before. I live just about a mile away so pop in every Sun. for the fruits and vegetables plus other goodies. I do crazy quilting so am always on the prowl for old linens, laces, buttons, etc. I came home with quite a few very nice things including an old album with a gorgeous cover and filled with old pics I would say were from at least the early 1900's. It is a treasure.

    Do you live in the Mount Dora area now? We are snow birds and are here for 6 months and Chicago area for the summer 6. I enjoy your blog and artwork. I have a blog:
    www.sewwhatsnew-fredab.blogspot.com. Pop in and visit me sometime.



  7. Your notes were fun to read. There is something about these old and worn goods isn't there.
    I don't know what it s about those gates, but they are wonderful!

    Freda I don't think I made it into the area with the fruits & veggies where some of the other vendors are year around. I totally forgot about it. We are south, in central FL and go up to the markets often. I'm planning my Nov trip for the next extravaganza already!

  8. I know EXACTLY where I'd put those old large tins!!!! Right behind my stove! It's exactly what I've been searching for, you are a lucky girl. I have this ugly (to me) gold tile on the wall behind my stove, buult into a beautiful brick archway; which is stunning. I think you hit the jackpot


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