Friday, February 27, 2009

~ Yes... No.... Yes.... No

After a whole week of driving all over this place, I don't have a lot to show for it. But it was fun anyway. We went to places where we had been before and discovered some new ones.

Yes, I did love this green vintage glass ware. But I talked myself out of starting a new love affair with them, so....

No I did not get any of it. But I snapped a picture in case I "need" some later.

Yes, there were some fabulous old bottles in a couple of booths.
This guy had so many, so no....

I did not buy this many. I just added a few to my growing little box of goodies like this.

There were only a few vendors who had really great old hardware. This lady was very busy, and had one of the best selections of old junk/treasures. No....

I did not get anything here.
Although a great selection, I didn't need
anything that day

As we have gone out everyday looking, I again realized that the prices at the Extravaganza are often the best we find. If it was still going on this weekend, I might have wandered back up the road to look around some more.

And Yes! it was a great week with just the two of us tripping around in the truck looking for that special treasures. Sweet Hubby is back to work on Monday, but it was fun vacation, even though we "stayed at home."

Have a Wonderful Weekend!
See ya' soon.


  1. Sounds like such fun. I love to have the time to just wander and look for treasures, that is very special time. The green glassware is just gorgeous and the door knobs are wonderful. Seems like you saw a lot of really neat things. Hugs, Marty

  2. OH..I just love those bottles! Those door knobs are so fun too!
    ~sandy toe

    I sent you an email a week ago but oh how I love my print...I love it!

  3. The bottles and the hardware -- please oh please find your way to my home, m'kay?

  4. Sometimes the best vacations are close to home discovering treasures nearby as you seem to have--love your photos of all the goodies you discovered!

  5. I'm not sure I would have been able to resist any of these beautiful treasures, Donna.

    We're going to Clarksville this week, to look at a double bonnet secretary for our room. I saw it when we toured the Elgin~Cottrell house last fall. I e-mailed the owner the other day. He's holding it till we get a chance to have another look. I have an idea it's coming home with us.

  6. The green vintage glassware gets a big fat YES! You can't find this anywhere.

  7. Hi Donna,

    Those are the best vacations I find, sounds like you had a ball !!!

    Kathy :)

  8. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. Yes, it was tough to walk away.

    I know nothing about that vintage green glassware. But it was beautiful and just my color green.

    Those tin ceiling pieces were huge. The square one was about 3 foot square, but the other arched one was about 8 to 9 feet tall! They were gorgeous.

    More pictures to resize. I did find a couple of treasures to come home with us.


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