Friday, July 24, 2009

~ Decorating & Design, Fluffing the Nest

Over the years I've found that everyone has their own style of decorating, you know fluffing their nest. It's the job of the designer/decorator to help the client find that style which is a part of their own unique personality.

There are some people however who just absolutely know their own style. Some times they say that they would never hire a decorator because they want their house to look like them. And it almost always does, for better or worse.

Buddy is a friend of Cody Pup's. He is one month younger so his own personal style might not be fully developed yet. But this is one of the reasons I love seeing the work of younger decorators. They often have a new point of view and ideas which may indeed be new to me, decorating looks that I would never have thought of. Buddy's point of view is one I have not considered. I think Cody might like to try it, but I doubt he will be given the opportunity.

Buddy convinced his human that he had been so well behaved that maybe he didn't need to be in his crate while she was away at work. She was gone for only a few short hours before coming back to check on him for early lunch. As she was leaving the office My Sweet Daughter told her to be sure to take pictures of Buddy's first day home alone.
And she did.

Buddy's Decorating, Eclectic & Urban Hip
(He thinks so!)

As you can see, Buddy is quite proud. Being the young hip decorator that he is, Buddy re-purposed what he found. He did not spend a penny, nor did he make any new purchases. (Being that his mom is such a sweetie, she gave him a treat so she could have this picture!)

Of the many subcategories of decorating, I think maybe "Fluffing" would describe Buddy's unique take on it. The umbrella is a whimsical touch don't you think? He must have opened it with his teeth or paws.

** Colors and Identity have been changed to protect the innocent, and the guilty. **

Have a great weekend! See Y'all Soon!


  1. LOL! Yes, the umbrella is such a whimsical touch. I of course would have spray painted it white but to each his own! His nest looks well fluffed! LOL!


  2. Oh my! I would have had a fit :)

  3. My goodness! I remember a pup we had that did something similar but with kitchen chairs and a bag of potting soil!

  4. Beautiful work Buddy....says Sebastian my 1 year old Lab. LOL~ My guy does the same thing with the animals I get for him. Dogs do like to rearrange things and decorate if they get bored with there environment. It's harmless stuffing from a toy of his own I hope.

  5. Oh this is too funny. He looks so guilty in the second picture but I bet he had soooooo much fun!!!!
    Too cute! How can you be mad at that????
    everything vintage

  6. OH MY GOSH! You have me rolling on the floor. Puppy/no puppy has been my debate for months. I think my decorating style is too traditional for the Buddies of the world so after this fluffing I am leaning toward the "no puppy."

  7. I think we need to call HGTV Design Star and tell them they are missing a cute four legged contestant...he he...too cute.

  8. Isn't it funny? Yes, if you don't have to clean it up. But not to discourage anyone from getting a puppy. They just are not ready to be home alone at this age maybe.

    Buddy is now taking appointments for decorating & design. And thanks Lisa, he should try out for HGTV Design Star!

  9. How original to use an umbrella as a design statement! Very cute!

  10. OMG! I know he's the cutest ever, but would I have had a heart attack! Sending positive vibes to the doggie-mom. May she be successful soon! LOL Cheers, Julie

  11. You make me laugh!! I love the censorship in the first photo! Thanks for the giggle on a Monday!

  12. ah yes, this brings me back to memories of my parents Black Lab, Pepper....gotta love Labs!:o)


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