Friday, April 18, 2014

~ Happy Easter!

The Decorated House. 2014 Decorated Easter Mantel

Wishing You
a Very, Happy Easter!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

~ A Little More Easter Decorating

The Decorated House - Easter Entry Table 2014

The weather has been so nice out it is perfect for getting some new flowers in the ground. And lots of shrubs and things need a trim. So it's been a little hard getting any decorating done with Mother Nature calling so loudly to come out and play. 

It has been fun to find the bunnies and see exactly where they would like to go for Easter this year. I'm always happy that I didn't give away all of them when  Easter and Spring arrive, and they do brighten up the holiday so nicely.

The Decorated House - Decorating for Easter Vintage & New

The entry table this year is host to my other favorite bunny who is charming in his cute little jacket. He's been around for a few years and it's always easy to find a spot for him. The cement garden bunny came along and is joined by a sweet bunny inside a the large covered jar.

The Decorated House - Easter Cloches & Abigail Bunny Art

New to the Easter party this year is Abigail Bunny holding her little friend Chicka Dee and in her basket is a delicious chocolate bunny along with some decorated eggs. (She is available in the etsy shop.) I used the gray painted eggs with lace with some spring lime green eggs, and the color combination is a new love.

The Decorated House. Easter Decorating with Vintage and New

The paper flower wreath is wearing a white dotted burlap bow and another little bunny nestled in the  center of it. The Easter display is finished off with a succulent  and a moss ball both in sliver cups. And a little crown just because .......

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Monday, April 7, 2014

~ The Decorated House - Easter Mantel 2014

The Decorated House Easter Mantel 2014

There was a time when there were a lot of bunnies around here. None of them were real rabbits; those do not to play in my garden. Which is probably a good thing since I've heard they like to eat a lot of plants and flowers that you did not intend growing for them.
But when Easter and Spring come along each year, it seems that the my bunnies have multiplied even though  I haven't bought one in years. And I swear I gave a bunch away. None the less, this time of year, I'm usually surprised and delighted to see them and quite happy some have stayed around.

The Decorated House Easter Mantel 2014

The mantel is dressed this year with an Art Print from my Shop, The Bunny Chandelier. Printed in gray, it looks really wonderful in that old gray painted frame that I used the chalk paint on. The altered - decorated peat pots and the paper and fabric covered eggs with the leaping bunnies are also being used again this year. Along with the vintage style bunnies, I've added a couple of hand made clay mushroom houses that I  have had for 30 years. They stay in a cupboard with glass doors so dust doesn't settle on all that intricately made elements.
You can click on the picture link below for last Easter's decorations and
some directions on how to make you own pretty peat pots.
The Decorated House. Easter. Decorated Peat Pots

The Decorated House. Vintage style Bunny for Easter Mantel 2014

This little Easter bunny is my favorite. The plastic gray egg next to him is painted with Paris gray ASCP. From the closeup of the mushroom house you can see how fantastic details the artist gave to each of her magical creations. Perfect for welcoming the magic of Spring!

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

~ Decorating for Easter

The Decorated House. Decorating for Easter. Moss Ball, Cement Bunny, Antique Vellum Book
It's time for Easter decorating this weekend, I hope! Here are a couple of pictures from a couple of years ago. One of the best things about blogging is that you can go back and see images from other years. I totally forgot about that cute garden bunny. Wonder where he is? He might hop back inside again this year.
The bunnies are running wild in the house this year. Even this little old garden bunny is inside. I think he has been somewhere on the porch for couple of years, although he was an outside bunny once upon a time. He is sitting beside a reindeer moss ball in a slightly tarnished bowl. Together they are perched atop a beautiful antique Italian vellum book from 3 Fine Grains.

Thanks for the nice comments on the last post, but I deleted the whole thing due to an overactive spamming party over the weekend. Thank goodness blogger has that spam filter now. I've included the same picture below that was in that post. An open shelf cupboard with drawers in the kitchen. It won't be there forever since open shelves are too much work to keep clean for me.

The Decorated House - Kitchen White Dishes - Small Space Storage

This coming week I'll add a few more pictures of Easter decorating around the house.
Thank you for stopping by!

Have a Great Weekend 
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Monday, March 24, 2014

~ Milk Glass & Succulents and a Little Green for Spring

The Decorated House : Decorating with Milk Glass & Succulents

The Spring Equinox! It always brings out that longing for the green of Spring and Summer. The heat will be here soon enough, so I'm not trying to rush Summer. It does however make me want to bring more green inside for a little while.
Milk glass is one of those old fashioned goodies that I wish I had seen the beauty of years ago.  But in the past, there was so much of it at the thrift shops, it made it seem just to grandma-like for my taste. Whatever pieces I used to have were long ago given to the Goodwill. In the last few years however I have picked up some here and there if it had really nice lines. Today, you can think of so many ways to incorporate this simple and beautiful white glass into your style even if you haven't quite embraced the grandma style. The lines of the ruffled pieces are so beautiful.

I'm still experimenting with succulents inside the house. They are so extremely easy to grow outdoors, but are a bit more difficult to grow indoors. The ones on the chest right by the window are doing very well. This one  is sitting on the coffee table further away from direct window light. So we will see how it does with less light that the other plants get. For many years I always had house plants, and just got away from tending them because there was plenty of work to keeping the ones outside alive and well.  Now it's one of those things that I miss having so I'm looking for some easy to keep green lovelies this year. 

The Decorated House :: Decorating With Milk Glass & Succulents

Also some green pillows are on the sofa at the moment. What is easier that changing out pillows with the seasons! Since pillow covers are so inexpensive and easy to make, just this simple change can keep your interiors looking fresh to you. 

Again after ignoring milk glass for a while, I fell in love these ruffled bowls. Instead of too old fashioned, they actually look quite modern to me.  They remind me of some of today's lovely blown glass art pieces.

The Decorated House : Milk Glass & Succulents

I'll let you know how all these succulents do inside. They may need a bit more attention than I seem to give indoor plants. I also brought in some bromeliads from the gardens, after washing them very well, which are doing fabulous. They are air plants after all, so other than giving them too much attention, they should be very easy to keep inside.  So far all I did to them is stick them in a container, pretty them up with a bit of moss, and remember to water  the little "cup" in the center before it gets dry. Now anyone can do that!

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Monday, March 10, 2014

~ Slipcovers - Lots of Ideas!

Let's explore slipcovers again. 
I've added more ideas to my pinterest slipcovers board. Hope you find something 
of interest if you are looking for some slipcover ideas. 
Although it would have been much easier to just reupholster the dining room chairs, I wondered if sometime in the future I would really want the pretty green fabric back again. Also since they were going to be white, there was a good chance there would be some spills along the way with this being a dining room. So that's why the decision was made to make slipcovers for the chairs instead of upholstering them in the white cotton linen fabric.

I really wasn't sure exactly what I wanted them look like. Slipcovers can be done in so many styles! They needed to be simple and for me not too fussy. But not without a little touch of details either.  Even though I totally enjoy see frilly ones when other people have them, this meant no bows, no ruffles or fussy details.

What I ended up doing was sewing  a fitted 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

~ Decorating with Succulents & Silver and How To Create a Succulent Dish Garden

Decorating with Succulents & Sliver at The Decorated House

It's a great time of the year to bring in a little touch of the garden. After the extreme winter
so many have seen this year, wouldn't a little touch of living green add some warmth?!

You can grow succulents in any number of containers, and silver is a
really pretty choice. Complemented with white, the silver
adds a bit of reflective light and show offs the rich green.

Decorating with Succulents & Sliver at The Decorated House

Sitting on a dark gray-brown honed marble top,  
the  simple Mercury glass candle holders are the perfect 
vessel for some small succulents. 
You could use vintage silver pieces as well. Just be aware that
moss, dirt and plants actually touching the silver can damage it.
Old silver pieces used to be so inexpensive and easy to find 
at Goodwill and thrift stores, but the  prices have certainly changed
since blogs have come along. Some days you can
still get lucky and find a few silver pieces at a decent price.

Succulents thrive where other plants would simply 
give up and turn brown. Put them near a sunny window, let them 
have some breathing room, and do not over water them! 

I planted them exactly the same as I showed in a previous post.
 You can click on the picture below or click 
for the full instructions.  
The only difference for these was that I lined the containers with some plastic
wrap, then insert the succulents which I had planted in small peat pots. 
The plastic goes around the outside of the  peat pots, so when you water,
it will keep the moisture away from the silver.

How To Create a Succulent Dish Garden - The Decorated House

Even if you can't keep the plants alive and well for years, you should be able
 to enjoy them for a few months. Or just before they begin to look a bit on the worn out side, 
 take them outside and bring in some of  new succulents that have been outside instead.
 Rotating the plants will help keep them all healthier.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

~ The Best (Cooked) Quinoa Gluten Free Chocolate Cake - Cupcake Recipe - Amazing!

The Decorated House ~ The Best (Cooked) Quinoa Gluten-Free Cake or Cupcakes!
Quinoa Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcake Recipe
The Best!

Really? Quinoa Gluten Free Chocolate Cake? You're thinking it sounds strange. Me too! After using Quinoa flour a few times, I really didn't like the flavor of it in baked goods. So this recipe calling for Cooked Quinoa sounded so strange that I'm surprised I tried it. Quinoa Pasta is the only kind of pasta we ever eat, and we don't miss regular pasta at all.  But using it in a cake recipe??  I almost passed it by thinking it might taste the same as the recipes using quinoa flour. If you love chocolate cake, and are looking for a gluten-free version that you can make yourself from scratch, try this!

Friday, February 14, 2014

~ Valentine's Day Mantel 2014 - The Decorated House

The Decorated House Black & White with Pink Valentine's Mantel 2014, Black & White Art of Beauty and the Beast, Mercury Glass Hearts, Milk Glass & Pink Flowers

 The mantel is dressed very simply for Valentine's Day this year. One of my favorite art prints that we have illustrating one of my favorite stories, Beauty and the Beast, is at the center. I spent so many hours in elementary school reading fairy tales. This is one of those stories