Wednesday, July 22, 2009

~ Pavers & Gutters, Is This Exciting?!

First of all, isn't this rain chain beautiful?

Made out of copper. I would love this.

I know, how exciting can gutters and pavers really be? No too much maybe, unless you are getting things done that have been on your to-do list for a while. The pavers are here and sitting outside waiting to be put down. Sweet Husband has a joke about me following him around with a level when he is doing a project for us. I did not get out the level for the pavers. No level. Nope .... But I did go out with the tape measure making sure that the walkway was the exact same width as it curved down the walk. I tried not to bug the installer too much. I waited until he was gone home.

Although I had a tough time deciding if the walk would curve at the end, I think it will be more pleasing and interesting now. It will need plants to make it look just right. I'm just happy to be closer to having this project done.

Today I met with a gutter guy to get estimates on both Sweet Daughter's and our house. I will not be going with these amazing copper ones. I just came across them while searching.

Embossed cooper gutter.

The same company also makes fabulous cupolas, sinks & range hoods, etc.

My little home isn't the place for these fancy copper gutters. The simple white ones will do just find for catching the rain. And I'll be happy to one more thing crossed off the list.


  1. It all comes down to getting one more thing crossed off the list, doesn't it? I love when I can draw a line through an item on the list I keep. Not just because it's done, but because now there's less to do!

    Those copper gutter pieces are gorgeous.

  2. I LOVE Cuploas. They have always fascinated me.

    Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful pictures!


  3. Oh yes, crossing anything off a to-do list is a thrill! From large to small, I love them all... done!

    Aren't cupolas wonderful? Copper would be gorgeous.


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