Thursday, July 2, 2009

~ Pink & Black, But Not In This Kitchen


It takes courage, and a special house to pull off pink and black for your house colors. I adore this combo for this particular application. When it is slapped on a mid century house? Not so much. Yes, we've seen it, haven't we?
Pink and black was not a choice for Sweet Daughter's more neutral color scheme in the kitchen though.

And that kitchen is looking good! The granite arrived on Monday and we thought there was still time to get a plumber in the next couple of days. But you know how these remodeling things go. As soon as granite man came with the new counter tops and sink, he said he had to cut the old plumbing pipes to accommodate the deeper sink. Now what. The two people I had called to bid the job had not called back.

Fortunately, granite man knew a plumber who happen to be able to leave the site he was working on which was new construction, and come work at Sweet Daughter's house. Took him, and a helper, over 3 hours! So happy I did not ask Sweet Hubby to try to do this one.

Now to pick out the backsplash and figure out if I can get someone to do it cheap, or ...
you guessed, do it myself.

The Mad Tea Party was a ball! I wish I could have made it to everyone's blog by now. But I might get around to a few more this weekend. Or maybe not. Cody Puppy is spending the weekend with us while his mommy is out of town. Thank goodness Sweet Hubby will be here to get us through 24 Hour Cody Days!

See Y'all Soon!


  1. Hey Donna,
    Good to hear from you.
    You have a great 4TH, and have fun with that kitchen.

  2. You have to show us pictures!!! Please don't keep us in suspense like that, tee hee! And don't work to hard but I hope ya'll get everything done and are able to relax for the 4th!!!!
    everything vintage

  3. Look forward to seeing pictures of the kitchen!
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July!!


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