Monday, January 4, 2010

~ Is That Snow?

It's even cold way down here.
But no snow, thank goodness! As much as I love seeing the snow pictures on blogs, I am really happy that we will not need to shovel our way out tomorrow morning. Instead we go out and uncover the semi-tropical plants that we put sheets and covers on to protect them from the freeze. This is extremely amusing in the beginning to people moving down here.


  1. Beautiful photograph! I'm wishing for just a little bit of snow just once this winter. We're in middle TN and we never get good snows...they're always quite puny!

  2. I would prefer your snowflake to what we've gotten, Donna! We have been hit with quite a bit already and here I thought in November we were going to have a mild winter!

  3. Your snowflake is so pretty! We're supposed to get snow on Thursday - we'll see. It's freezing cold here everyday. In the morning it's 10! It's never been this cold this early.Brrr!


  4. I LOVE your snowflake! I had one tree that was just snowflakes. I had better like them we are in for more snow, wind and temps in the -10 digits! YUCK!

  5. I'm in East Texas (in the pines) and we're not accustomed to such cold weather here, but here it is. I've lost many plants, and they were under the pavilion. But no snow that stuck. On Christmas Eve we had snow but it flew on by.

  6. I've actually seen snow in central Florida twice. It was "fun" and fleeting.
    Watching the weather, I see most of the US is really cold! Hope it warms up soon. I do not know how you all can keep your homes warm when it is so cold.
    Time for hot chocolate. Keep Warm!


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