Friday, August 13, 2010

~ A Little More Gardening

In the deep, deep south nothing holds up to the heat but the very strong and then it takes water, lots of water. Sweet hubby is holding up better than I am. It is finally bearable about 6:30 at night. Odd time to garden, but I can get twice as much done.
For a while it was nearly impossible to find the more red pentas instead of just the lighter pink. The red goes better with my color combination. What a performer! With the array of tiny star shaped blooms it's always dependable.

I love pots filled with flowers, plants and small trees. This year I got a late start, but the pots are really blooming beautifully after just a few weeks. I forgot how much work they are to keep looking good. Some needed watering more than once day until they got a bit more established. They cannot go one whole day with being tended to with a big drink. Though wonder Disney crews work all night to keep their pots so fabulous.

ThR simple coleus, so pretty. I use them for the quick punch of lime green. Usually he gets deadheaded so that it will last longer and fill out more. But he was determined to bloom. Then I remembered how delicate and lovely those blue shoots of flowers are when it is in bloom.

This little blue/purple guy loves the heat, he just wants enough water to keep from getting too thirsty.

Fortunately I bought a couple large pots years ago. Some days I think that they would look so good painted to look like old concrete. But it would be difficult to turn them back to terracotta. It's tough when you love two (or more) different looks and have to choose.

See Y'All Soon~


  1. always have admire the disney pots ... when we spy an oversized arrangement any where, we call them disney pots!!!

  2. Lovely, lovely , lovely. It is hot here too-even the Midwest is sweltering this summer....and, as much as I hate to wish my life away-I wish we had some Fall coolness. Diana

  3. I'm going to "refresh" my computer screen and hope I can see your pictures, Donna! I'm sure they are lovey. This year I planted an annual that I had heard about when we visited Florida {years ago} ~ Lantana. I got a few white ones and let me tell you, these babies LOVE the heat and humidity we've had going on here on Long Island! This is getting photographed and written down as a keeper and I will be sure and get more next year. They spread out so wonderfully, too.

  4. Hi Ladies~
    Yes, I always compare all large pots to the Disney ones. I must say that Sea World does a great job with theirs as well.

    Thanks for stopping by
    enjoying the plants with me.

    Thanks Kathy. I reloaded the pictures. I didnt' know they didn't show up when viewing in explorer since they looked fine in firefox.

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Your efforts are working.
    I know what you mean about the heat-
    I live in South Texas.
    It hovers in the 100s every day.

    White Spray Paint

  6. It's been HOT here in the NE too Donna, lots of brown grass. I have the front sprinklers on a timer that goes off at 6am each day, so the front looks okay but the backyard is turning we sure do need some rain !!!

    Your flowers look so pretty :)

    Have a great day,
    Kathy :)


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