Wednesday, November 24, 2010

~ The Season Begins With Giving Thanks

Happy ThanksGiving to all who pass by today. And a special Thank You! to the wonderful people who have come by in the last few years for a visit and always taking a moment to say hello. You are appreciated greatly for the kindness of taking time out of your busy day to be a part of my little blog life.

A very Happy Day of ThanksGiving
to You and Your Families!
See Y'All Soon~

Thursday, November 18, 2010

~ Let's Paint

I have been thinking about painting the living room and dining room for a quite a while. And you know, couldn't quite commit, couldn't find the right color, or whatever! .... lots of excuses. They all flew out the window and the paint brushes and roller came out.

And it's a BIG change.

I've had the golden color for a while, and this area was overdue for a change. Although it is really a drastic color change, it was neutral like this before the deeper color. So what's old is new again around here.

Thanks for the sweet notes about Cody. What a puppy dog he is! Everyone who told me that labs are puppies for a long, long time were so right. But he is loved bunches, of course.

Yes, he is quite stubborn ... and wild & crazy! A lab mix and a sweet rescue pup from a wonderful organization that works tirelessly to help all retrievers. Aren't these people saints on Earth who do this type of work?

See Y'All Soon~

Friday, November 12, 2010

~ Happy Friday, Happy Weekend

We have been doing this and that around here. Cody Puppy had his birthday, and he also went to Petco to get his picture taken for Fall/Halloween. How funny is that? Never thought I would turn into of those kind of people ... the ones who took their pets to a photo sitting. But it was a freebie from other purchases. And the picture is so darn cute. Not the one above. That was just a quick shot when Cody was "helping" me move things around.

It was finally a little cooler out, so that would have been perfect for doing a little more gardening. But instead I moved furniture around. Now I think it might be time for some painting. There is just never enough time in one day is there? It's that time of year for me when it time to fluff and clear the little nest.

So all is good here. I just have been busy. But... I'll see y'all soon!
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