Saturday, January 18, 2014

~ 101+ Ideas for Valentine's Day

Click Picture Above To View Lots of Valentine's Day Ideas
These are some of my favorites. I try to link to
the correct & original source so you can find directions.

It's not too early to be thinking of something special and fun you would like to make
 for Valentine's Day! Here are some links to light a spark 
to your imagination.
You'll find at least 101 ideas and maybe more!

Two more to explore:
This one has lots of DIY ideas for you to try.

More great ideas and decorating, too.

See Y'All Soon~

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  1. Hi Donna ,

    Happy New Year...... Lots of great ideas in this post !!

    All the bet,
    Kathy 😑

  2. Hi Donna

    You are ambitious! I am still getting over the other holidays! I am so glad you are organized and keep us in line!

  3. So many great ideas out there I will be visiting Pinterest next.

  4. F A N T I S T I C post filled with lots of colorful and loving inspiration! Thank you Donna not only for this post, but for checking in on me~ You are a kind & generous soul, and have been good friend and I am grateful for you!!
    May you be surrounded by loving light 101 x 101 times !!


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