Wednesday, February 28, 2007

*Kitchen - More Ingredients

We decided not to demolish the soffit area, but still needed some way to deal with it. I put the embossed, analgypta paper up there before this redo, but painted it a bit differently and now added crown molding above the cabinets.
To make the ceiling appear taller in a really small area, I designed a canopy over the sink, a niche over the prep area and a new open display cabinet on the other side. All of these elements draw your eye up to the green ceiling and make the ceiling appear to be taller than the 8 feet it is.
Here is a close up of the canopy. It is made of wood and accented with small tumbled marble squares. The whole thing is painted flat white and antiqued with raw umber.
I used a grape vine stencil to do an embossed stencil and then added some sculpted grapes (air dry clay) for more dimension.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I want to do something similar above my stove.

  2. Very nice !!! You have such a nice theme throughout your home. :)


  3. It's absolutely beautiful. I wish you lived near me so that you could help me with my house.

  4. amazing, absolutely amazing! Great ideas, great reuse, love the sink and faucet, love the way you did the embossed all of it!!! You really make me want to start all over!

  5. This is so the tiles, design and the CANOPY!!!!!

  6. Ohhhhhhhhh, I am falling in love with so many things here. I'd especially love to know more details of... "...whole thing is painted flat white and antiqued with raw umber."

    I so love this look!!! And don't have an idea of how to achieve it. This certainly sounds as if you do! You really, really do.

    I must show this to my husband {the wood worker}. He will understand much more than I do.

    Do I sound excited? Yes, I am sooo excited by your entries!



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