Friday, March 23, 2007

~ Wrong Turn ~ The Right Path

First Pages of Boo Dahlia's Journal:

When Booie called to say she had arrived, she was so excited. She was sure she had landed in Paris. Everywhere she looked she could see the beauty of French touches. And she was sipping wine. Whoops...this was not B'Ham. I think the wrong directions was my fault.

Then Lady Kathryn got on the phone and explained that Booie had found her way to the *New* Orleans, not the old one. She couldn't understand Booie, they didn't speak the same language for some reason. Booie didn't have a voice to anyone except me.
But this was to be the best kind of "wrong" turn. Kathryn knows magic, too. She can make a sewing needle sing so sweetly, and she collects old lace and fabrics. Was Booie a lucky Bunny!


  1. O my dear sweet Boo! You don't need your've arrived at a beautiful place. Time doesn't matter!

  2. How wonderfully clever and such fun too to listen to the tales (should I say tails?) of the fabulous Booie! Be sure everything is shared, the good, the bad and hopefully "never" the ugly!

  3. Oh, darn...Booie would have loved B'ham! I made brownies today too...let's see what's next for Ms. Booie Bunny.

    Southern Hospitality

  4. No Birmingham?? Maybe Ms Boo can stop by on her way home again~ I'll make some sweet tea and fried green tomatoes!

  5. ...and then she can stop in Memphis and see the wonderful blooming flowers and trees, and I'll take her (and her most creative friend!) to lunch at the nicest little cafe on a historic town square, with lovely antique and goodie shops all around.

    I can't wait to see what happens next...

  6. Such sweet stories on your blog! And you're so right about the beauty of New Orleans and Paris being linked.


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