Thursday, March 22, 2007

~ Boo Dahlia's Journey Begins

Oh, I needed a little brownie break. As Booie was packing for her trip we munched on brownies and I made some for her long trip. I guess that's what made me think of baking them today.
Back to the story.
~ There were well meaning people who thought Boo Dahlia should not go on such a long journey. People who were only looking out for her best interest of course. It would take an arm and a leg to make such a trip they would say, or she doesn't have a leg to stand on now does she? Booie refused to listen. By this time in her life she had planned to have visited France and Italy for sure, and many other places as well. No matter, she would make this a trip of a lifetime. In spite of those who claimed her brain was like clay for directions, we knew she could figure out the directions of where to go.
Booie and I were very excited about the whole adventure. I knew she would come back a new woman. It didn't matter that she forgot to take anything with her. As Booie said, she always knew she could rely on the kindness of others.
Something in her heart was calling her to Cindy, Mistress of B'ham. Cindy is a wizard of a woman, with so much creative magic she simply shines! Ms. Cindy was waiting with open arms, in the land of Ala Bama.


  1. Just so know I LOVE bunnies and their stories!

  2. Dear Boo...

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about your travels.

    Have a safe and fun trip!

  3. Ms. Boo with a collection of bunnies here we are all ~ears~ reading your story!{{Brownies}} did we read brownies were shared!Safe travels Boo! bunny hugs NG


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