Thursday, April 26, 2007

~ Last Weekend's Trip to Mt. Dora

Here are a few pictures of Mt. Dora. What a quaint little town.
With the last real estate boom, everything got rather expensive out there, too.
You can find a nice little fixer upper in downtown on sale for only $500,000. Looks like it needs a bit of work, don't you think?
Something about this next old house really was enchanting....the color, the lacy curtains on that big porch. It calls out to my heart, but oh what a ton of work.

The downtown looks much the same as it did 50 years ago, but now it gets a lot of visitors. It was a bit more old fashioned for a long time, but newer stores have come in lately. Old buildings still, but selling new items. The town is known for its antique stores.

And if you come to town on a Sat., be sure to bring that vintage car with you!

Looking down one of the streets lined with shops.
Hope you enjoy the pictures since I love seeing your trips!


  1. Hey, there
    These pictures have made me itchy to get up to Mt. Dora...I love the countryside up there, and my husband plays golf. Maybe a weekend trip!

  2. I love those pics, Donna. Mt. Dora would be a fun place to visit, sorry I didn't get to stop in there when I was down that way years ago. Love the old houses, but not for $500K...YIKES! I think I'll keep my 10 year old fixer-upper for that price.

    Southern Hospitality

  3. These photos are wonderful Donna.

    J and I play the house game on our little road trips. Dream and wish. Then reality sets in and we know it would be too much for us to tackle, at our ages. One can dream, though!!

    I love both the beautiful old homes, pictured.
    One of these days, we'll take a drive up to Louisiana, MO and snap a couple photos. Louisiana is an old town on the Mississippi River. Some wonderful old houses there, in much need of TLC!

    Thanks so much...I enjoyed your trip!

    Back Porch Musings

  4. What a great place! In all the years we have visited FL, how did we miss that one? "Antiquing" destinations are always our favorites. I'm definitely going to stop there on our next trip through that area.

    I'm so glad that you had a nice time, and that you shared this lovely place with us!

  5. Great pictures! I can't wait to visit Mt. Dora....
    I lost your email, but wanted you to know I received the tags - they're super! My first mail in my new home........
    I put a magnet on the back of the little card and have it on the side of the fridge that's not the "public" side, just for me!
    Thanks again...

  6. That second house reminds me so much of Earnest Hemmingways home in Key West! the wrap around porches! My Natureboy would Love the old red car! Quaint little town! Thanks for the tour!
    hugs NG

  7. Donna, thanks for the trip to Mt Dora. I have been there twice while DH was playing golf at Mission Hills. While he was busy golfing, I have very fond memories of all the lovely shops and especially the tea at the Windsor Tea Room I visited in Mt Dora. It was the quintessential English Tea Room for me. Is it still there? I love that little place and it had changed hands on my second visit. The first time, they had a darling little garden shop attached to the Tea Room. You can see pictures of my visit there in 2003 at:

    Thanks Donna for jogging nice memories and sharing your recent trip.

  8. Yes, the Tea Room is still there. We almost went in to eat, but I wasn't sure if it was a really girly tea room. I think we could try it out next time, but the Italian was excellent and not expensive at all compared to the sandwich shops nearby.

    Golf???? LOL
    I had no idea there was golfing anywhere nearby. So funny.

    I'm so happy you stopped by to enjoy the photos.

  9. Tons of character in that town. Thanks for the very enjoyable tour.

  10. Really lovely photos.... sounds like you had a nice time.

    We were just in Key West for a wedding (it was on the beach quite lovely) I agree with naturegirl that house does look like the Hemingway House !!!

    Thanks for sharing....

    Kathy :)

  11. Donna - I've been to Mt Dora also.... It's just picture perfect - isn't it?

    Do you live close by???


  12. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. I have my own picture of the pink We were in Mt. Dora this past March and I loved that town for all the same reasons you did. I could live there and be very content.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. So charming

  14. This was fun to see Mt. Dora with you - hopefully we are going to get up there for a Saturday visit soon. Loved seeing the place through your eyes!

  15. Donna, I loved the picture of the old red Chevy. My parents had a blue one just like it when I was little. Thanks for sharing the pictures. We have a friend that restores old cars so I love sharing any old car pics with her & her DH. They're on the lookout for an old Chevy for DH and I so that we can restore one like I had. It's just a dream right now, though.

  16. Enchanting photos - thanks for sharing!

  17. I love Mt.Dora! I discovered it through Romantic Homes, and then went for a visit when we were visiting my in laws. Their is a darling restuarant up the street from the Windsor Tea Shop. It is garden like and is done in the shabby chic style with lots of white table clothes etc. They have delicious food as well.

    I can't wait to visit again, sometime!


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