Tuesday, August 28, 2007

~Save Me from Old Houses!

SavannahWhat do you see? Isn't it a beauty.

An old house like this pulls at my heart strings. I know most people see it as a money pit. And of course they are right. There are many homes like this which have been neglected for so long. Usually they are torn down. It's much easier to build new than to try to restore or rebuild.

After looking at so many houses, thinking how much fun it would be to live in one, I snapped out of it! I told Sweet Hubby....Save Me! Don't let me ever buy an old house like this. It takes someone much younger to give the years of work these take. But we looked with admiration at the houses and to those who give so much to them.

When I look at the first house above, I see these instead.
Side by side. One still waiting patiently for the loving hand of someone who appreciates old houses while the other two show off their new paint.

Don't you just love thinking of what you would do with such a beautiful house?


  1. I love old houses, too. I often think about how beautiful they are, who built them, who lived in them, etc. Boarded up houses make me so sad.

    I love the brickwork, siding, and tons of details on the houses you picked - so beautiful! :)

  2. I sooo love old houses. I have fixed up several over the years. I want another old farmhouse to repair and live in. My husband on the other hand (the one that has to crawl under the house in mud to repair things) would rather have a newer home :-)

  3. I love old houses!! The have so many interesting things about them.
    They are money pits though. That never stops me from thinking about what I would do with one.
    Nice pictures.
    Have a great day!

  4. Hi Donna...While you were away, we took a little day trip to Hannibal and came back through Louisiana MO, where here is a wealth of gorgeous old homes. We go though the town every so often, just to see these wonderful places. Though beautiful, they all seem to need TLC of one form or another. If only we were younger.......

    We've not been to Savannah...would love to go!

  5. I absolutely do....when I look at the old house ready and yearning for a makeover it's like a movie scene in my head. I think of what I would do and the movie goes from old to fade out and in quickly to the new.I love old porches, wood floors where you hear the footsteps, the sound of a screen door that slams ever so slightly. Sitting on a cool evening rejoicing the interior that is now shiny and homey and smiling.
    the only thing I would NOT want....the houses just inches apart. But I guess you take one with the other.
    Now look away...before it's too late. lol!

  6. Oh be still my heart! The first one is just a beautiful gem in the rough! These are such sweet and special houses that you've shared with us Donna! Thankfully ours was rennovated (sp?) in 1997 by a local restorer - we would never have the energy now to completely redo an old house. But boy, are they wonderful to live in!

  7. I love old houses too. I love watching "If Walls Could Talk" on HGTV. I would love to have an old house and uncover things from the past owners!

  8. we actually restored a Victorian (that had been in our family for decades) located in Thunderbolt (right next to Savannah)...my husband swears it took at least 6 years off of his life...

    we now live happily in our 1 story brick ranch [very big grin]

    but I still see old sad houses and just want some one to find them & love them....

    just not me :)

  9. I feel like I live in a house like that first picture. We bought the house we're in because WANTED a fixer upper. Moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for! LOL
    I tell my hubby all the time that the next house we buy MUST be new (or at least newer) construction. Ugh.
    God bless :)

  10. I do. I've always loved old houses. But we've decided that the next house we get will be new construction or newly remodeled by someone else. We just don't want to expend the energy or resources anymore! I barely want to paint anymore. I just want to fluff!


  11. I love love love old houses too. I even thought about getting my real estate license so I could go into them all the time. ha ha. My husband says we can have an old house or we can have a life. Meaning that they take up so much time and money that there is little left over to do anything else. I don't know though. There is just something about the charm of an old house. I have never had one but I think maybe someday...


  12. Just so beautiful and I adore old houses so. Still, at 51, I doubt I have the energy or time these days to redo one. Thus, I live in a newer one, smaller one and less yard. I MUST be old huh?

    YOU had a wonderful trip...I can already tell!

    Welcome Home!


  13. How have I not found you before? I am fairly new to blogging so I guess it takes awhile to find all the cool people!

    Anyways, I am enjoying your blog. As an insane Old House Owner who has bought one of those AS IS (needs desperate attention and loads of money) houses, I think you are wise to steer clear! However, I have more ideas than cash so it makes for some creative thinking!

    I also know what you mean about needing to be younger to tackle these things...this will definitely be my LAST fixer upper. I need a condo next time!


  14. Oh yes, old houses are wonderful. And though I couldn't begin a renovation, I'm so glad when people do.

    Many of the houses I picture in Photos-City-Mine were not always in such wonderful condition. Over the years, there has been a lot of restoration around these parts and this makes my heart sing.


  15. Oh Donna, just the sight of that beautiful old beauty make my heart race a bit. I too have done the old house thing and have sworn to never do it again but my heart still longs for the charm of the possibilities......Thanks for sharing these beauties.


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