Thursday, November 1, 2007

~Water, the Enchanted Element on All Soul's Day

It was fun to go see what was happening in Blog Land for Halloween. There was a lot going on! I don't think I saw but a little bit of it.
I love seeing the kids come to the door, all dressed up. So cute. Even though it's not like "used to be" there is just enough left to still make you smile.

The Enchanting Water Fairy
Available now as Fine Art Prints on Etsy.

You know how much I love water.
So you won't be surprised how much I really love this painting.

Today is All Soul's Day. A strange and old holy-day. But it's nice to remember all those who have been with us in our lives and gave us Love, but who are no longer here on Earth. Blessings to all who have Loved us.


  1. Hi, just visited your blog and loved it. Do you mind if I added it to my blog? Please come visit. You are welcome to add my site to your beautiful blog.



  2. Beautiful art and sentiment, Donna. I agree...I like how Dia de los Muertos kind of pays tribute to how the spirit and love lives on in the lives of others after we're gone. Good stuff!

  3. Donna, your husband's art is SO beautiful - what a gift! You two were meant for each other.


  4. I was just at your other blog...:-) thought I would visit here too....

  5. Actually November 1 is All Saints' Day; November 2 is All Souls'Day. I love those days. I'm enjoying your blog, and your husband's paintings!


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