Monday, January 28, 2008

~It's a Beautiful Day....

Walking through the tiny downtown area of Sanford on Saturday a light drizzle fell upon the dozens of people out for their weekend stroll through the shops and the farmer's market. The market is made up of only about 10 booths, and the downtown is just a few blocks long. I snapped this photo of one of the old buildings. It was the fire station in 1928. Although Florida has the nation's oldest city, this is an old building in this part of the state.

I wrote of this town before and how they have been busy renovated and restoring their old downtown to try to bring in the antique shoppers from nearby Mount Dora. There are only a couple of shops that I usually find things at but, it is the small town serene atmosphere that draws me back.

Usually when the sun is gone for a day or two, it makes me a bit grumpy and just waiting for those warm rays of light to come back soon. This day, the feeling of being thankful for a day off with Sweet Hubby and doing something we love to do together and out of town, just a little bit, was more than enough to make it a happy day.

We headed to our favorite restaurant the Black Dahlia, and it was gone. Well kind of. It looked the same but had a new name and new menu so we almost left. But I decided to ask if it was new owners or just a new name, Two Blondes & a Shrimp. Hmmm...not a good as the original. They did however say they still had the same chef. Now this is actually quite amusing, since I think of a chef usually meaning a more expensive uptown eatery. But this is so tiny, one wall of tables. The chef however is fabulous! The She-Crab Soup was fresh and the best I've ever had. The Pecan Crusted Chicken was superb and Hubby had a Veggie Philly, again fresh and delicious. We will go back just to eat, even I don't find a thing to buy.

Sweet Hubby found these treasures for me. It's not that I can't think of what to do with them, it's that I have too many ideas! Old and brass, some aged differently, but each one rather perfect for some art to be done yet.

To add to the wonder of the day, we were also reminded of how very lucky we are when we came upon a very old, homeless man. He didn't ask for anything. But Sweet Hubby took a little cash and walked over to give it to him. The old man, whom somone must have loved once upon a time, looked so surprised at us, and at those little bills as though they would speak to him. I wish I had given more. I get upset that there are any older people who are homeless in our country.

Today the Sun is shining so brightly it is bathing everything in its glorious warmth even though it is pretty cool outside. It's a Beautiful Day....again!


  1. One of the dishes that stands out in my memory of our drive down the Outer Banks was She Crab Soup. Lovely...

    It is disconcerting to know the plight of some of our elderly, in this country. Saddens me.


  2. Hi Donna,

    So glad you and your hubby had a nice day..what will you do with your treasures ??

    You should see the homeless in Boston, they're everywhere I often wonder how they make it through our tough's so sad !!!

    I too love small, quaint towns. Excuse me but what is She-Crab soup are my Northern roots showing lol ???

    Nice post....
    Kathy :)

  3. Lovely treasures - what a guy! And yes, it's upsetting that anyone is homeless in a country as rich as ours. Once I saw a man at a Paris metro station holding a sign saying "95 ans - aidez moi." (95 years old; help me!). I gave him as much money as I could and he seemed so surprised. I guess a lot of people didn't even see him or looked right past him, more likely. It is heartbreaking to see people - particularly elderly ones, as you said - in such dire straits.

  4. Hi Donna,
    What a quaint little town.
    Love your treasures!! Can't wait to see what you do with them.
    Have a great day!

  5. ITA about the elderly. It really makes you wonder what happened that the man didn't have family.


  6. Love those tresures your hubby found - can't wait to see what you create with them. How sweet of your hubby as well to give the older man a bit of money.

    Have a wonderful week.
    Sandy :)

  7. What a cute town and what wonderful treasures hubby found!

  8. Oh, another downtown tour. I see Kim showed off her downtown today and y'all were out in another one. Looks like fun & what neat treasures you found.


  9. Those little decorative things are great. What are they? I can't wait to see what you do with them!
    Jen R

  10. I love it when you take us on your travels and you have THE sweetest hubby - and I'm so glad that you do.


  11. that's some hubby! They look like snowflakes.

    Homelessness is national tragedy! Bless you for giving him what you had.


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