Wednesday, November 26, 2008

~ Happy ThanksGiving

Wishing You All a Wonderful Day to Give Thanks

Monday, November 24, 2008

~ ThanksGiving, Giving Thanks Monday

If you've known me a long time, and some of you really have, you will have seen this picture before. That's because I haven't stopped long enough yet to even think about a little decorating for Thanksgiving. This may be the same items I put there anyway. It's my favorite pumpkin and I love decorating with it this time of year.

But my mind has been filled with Giving Thanks. I spent all of the weekend trying to be with both Sweet Hubby and Sweetie Girl, and they had different interests. There was necessary shopping trips, watching movies, eating yummy food and a lot of my favorite things. As a special treat, Sweetie Girl took me to the Festival of Trees. It was an extension of my "birthday week." You do know that you should celebrate it for at least a week! She whines a little about the festival being boring or the same ol' thing, but she knows how much I love going. I really think she loves it, too. I've been taking her there since she was so little that her daddy had to pick her up to see all the gingerbread houses. Now at 5' 8" I guess she could pick me up if I needed it. As usual it was so beautiful, and it really helps get me the Holiday mood. This year it has been cooler though which also helps a lot.

I'll share some pictures after I get them downloaded from the camera. Hopefully some came out because I haven't even looked.

It looks like the opening of the Lollishops site is going to be pretty close to the projected time of Nov 28th. I'll keep you posted. Everyone is working very hard on it to make it happen.

Happy Monday, Have a Wonderful Day!

Friday, November 21, 2008

~ Happy Friday, Today's Special Sale ~

It's Friday again, or at last as my over worked little family has been saying. We are all looking forward to the Saturday and Sunday. I hope yours is a wonderful one, too.

Today's Special Sale in the shop
2 Christmas Art Cards featuring Prints of my ACEO Art.
High Quality Prints, suitable for framing.
What a nice gift!

Choice of cards, 2 of the same or 2 different ones.
More coming to the shop.

See ya' soon!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

~ Pink, Damask, Chandelier and a Birdie, too

Pink Love? Who me? Not since Sweetie Girl was a baby. Even then I can't remember if I was really in love with pink. But almost every girl goes through a pink stage and I did, too. When I was about 12, it was the first time I got to choose whatever I wanted and it was a pink room. Nothing fancy like people posh-out their kids rooms today of course. But it was exciting to me at the time.

Copyrighted Art by Donna, The Decorated House
See Y'all Soon~
Click on any of the pictures below to shop  art from The Decorated House 

Friday, November 14, 2008

~ Happy Friday, Fried Chicken, Christmas Cards

New Beau Bunny Christmas Cards.

What a funny title. What's been going on around here?

I saw a recipe on PBS, the test kitchen show, and the chef was making crispy crunchy fried chicken. Aaaah.... fried chicken. I could eat as much as any of the boys when I was a kid. A friend up the street made it often. They even kept all that fat like chicken and bacon grease under the counter just waiting for a big fry. Does that make me cringe now! But I remember it being very, very good.

My mouth was watering just thinking about it. Did I have what I needed? Frying? Oh I don't do that, but maybe I have some nice vegetable oil. Yes. Alright. The recipe was very good. Crispy and crunchy just as they claimed. I only ate 3 pieces of the large batch of organic boned chicken I bought from Costco's, and I could have eaten more. But it didn't feel as good in my stomach a while later. I don't think your body knows what to do with it if you don't usually eat that kind of food.

Hours later, I still could smell fried chicken. I put out baking soda. The next day I could still smell fried food. More baking soda. Another reason I don't fry food. I took a few days before I could say no trace was left. It was good for a few minutes, but it will be years before I fry chicken again. I could have just browned it nicely & quickly, then put it in the oven and not have had frying oil for so long.

I still cooked lots all week long. The weather was cool for a short time and I always want to do a lot more cooking. Today, mid to high 80's, so not so much cooking going on. The cooler weather is coming on the weekends, so it'll be time for some nice warm soups.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Friday, November 7, 2008

~ Chandelier Silhouette Art & Happy Friday!

It's probably time to go spend a moment or two dancing the dust bunnies, but first I wanted to say Happy Friday! I'm ready for the weekend, how about you? Seems to have been such a busy week. Both Sweet Hubby and the Sweetie Girl have said more than once... is it Friday yet? during the week. I'll spoil them some on the weekend. Although I have cooked more this week than usual. And it was chocolate chip cookie time. Love those days when it is finally cool enough to feel like cooking.

Copyrighted Art, Donna, The Decorated House
This is what I've been busy with during the week. I love how they are turning out. It will be a really nice series, so they can be featured alone or added to to over time.
(Thank You dear Suzie Q who has already found them!) They are starting now to be added to the shop, come by and look around as I try to get ready for the Holidays.

Happy Friday! Hope your Weekend is a Wonderful one!
See ya' soon!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

~ It's a Beautiful Day!

Thank you to everyone who came by to spend a little time here for Halloween and for letting me and a few thousand others visit your sites for the holiday. It was fun!
I remember what a big deal it was not only when I was a kid but when Sweet Daughter was little too. Not as many cute kidlets at my house as then. BUT...
boy did they come out over at Sweet Daughter's new house! Tons of them. She ran out of candy.

I'm working on some Christmas cards and putting them in the shop. I try not to think "Christmas" until after Thanksgiving usually. But I learned last year that you have to start much earlier with being online.

It's a beautiful day, not just in my backyard, but in the world. A day of hope, at long last. The sign reading "white only" has come off the big white house.  To all the millions and millions of people who stood in line, or mailed their precious ballot in, you are amazing. Thank you, no matter who you favored.
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