Friday, February 5, 2010

~ Happy Weekend

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y sis called to remind me that she was going to Charleston. Actually she was calling to rub it in that she was there having a wonderful time. It made me think about how much I miss Savannah and Charleston when I haven't been in a while. It was a working-around -the-house vacation this past week. Something that just had to be done, and we did get a few of things accomplished from our very long to-do list. But it would have been more fun to be in Charleston. And I'm really happy that she is there because she adores being in Charleston. A little work, and I hope a lot of play time.

Hope you have a great weekend.
See Y'all Soon~


  1. What a beautiful picture, Donna! I have never been, but I always enjoy seeing pictures of homes from Charleston.

  2. She was rubbing it in. :) We went to Savannah for a get away last April. I've just been thinking lately how much I'd love to go back. Such a beautiful place.

  3. It's been 5 years since we were in Charleston. I would love to go back.

    I love that photo!

  4. Well remember this - it's still COLD in Charleston LOL!! We love Charleston, although we always stay on one of the islands and come in for visits to the city. We have been staying on Seabrook Island for the last several years. PARADISE!! My sister and her husband just bought a condo last fall in Mt. Pleasant, just outside the big bridge. Actually, they were married in Charleston!

    Love Savannah also and haven't been in a few years, we need to go back!


  5. Love your site and your painted furniture. Please add my name to the contest. Jeanie Braun

  6. Wow such a beautiful pic that is. I have saved this pic and using as my desktop background. Happy weekend. Have fun guys.


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